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Featured New To Ducati With A Diavel 1260s

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by simo019, Dec 31, 2021.

  1. Ciao,

    My name is Simone from Italy, Tuscany to be a bit more precise and I’m a new Ducati owner. I actually can’t believe it as I have had everything so far except Ducati… but things have changed. Got in love with a Diavel just before Christmas and now here we are. My son is in love too. Thanks to let me in and for the future inspiration.

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  2. Welcome
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  3. Welcome to the forum.:)
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  4. Welcome Simone, fantastic bike, enjoy ..

    I really hope that photo wasn’t taken in the last few weeks
  5. Actually it was just few hours ago ☺️
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  6. Welcome, enjoy the banter and help from the forum.
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  7. Welcome , great to have you here
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  8. Welcome and enjoy.
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  9. Welcome into our mad house :)

    good to see the youngsters taking an interest
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  10. Welcome along
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  11. Welcome to the house of fun.
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  12. Hello
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  13. Welcome Simone, and congratulations on your new Ducati
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  14. Welcome. How far from Mugello?
  15. Around 70 km.. a lot of Nice roads to come there… only issue is the amount of speed camera’s over there.
  16. We usually do a trip to ride the track @ Mugello. Trying to go to Misano this year as well.

    Do you know anyone who can reserve the track @ Misano?
  17. Imola is a good track too. A bunch of us did it 3 years ago. :)
  18. That could work. Who did you book it with please?
  19. Welcome. Your son looks looks like a young Jorge Lorenzo!
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  20. I’d need to ask…..let me get back to you :)
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