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New To The Forum, Essex Guy Looking Into The Ducati World...

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by james butcher, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. Hi guys!

    After selling my Aprilia Tuono a few years back to do some racing, I'm looking at getting another road bike as I'm not racing so much these days.

    I have been trying to find something that's got some power but ideally not 200bhp with a good electronics package so I can do a couple of track days and go out for a spin with friends on the roads. I had in mind a BMW s1000rr, Triumph street triple or the V4 Tuono. ( The BMW might be a little too much at the moment but iv always loved them ) ideally a European bike.

    last Friday I manage to finish early from work so I thought I would go to my local triumph dealer (Romford) to take a look at the new 765 street triple which was very nice but just missing that bit of 'fizz'

    Right next door to Triumph is another bike dealer called Hysides. I know a couple of the guys so thought I would pop in and have a chat. After a while I was shown a 899 Panigale which to be honest never crossed my mind. After looking at it for a couple of seconds I started to dribble. Had a sit on it and then I was it love but memories started to come back from when my dad had his slightly problematic 916 SPS. Little did I know that Ducati has improved somewhat on the electrical front and done away with the timing belts!!!

    So now the 899 ticks all the boxes I'm on the hunt for a decent low mileage red panigale

    Hello all!!
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  2. Welcome to the forum
  3. Welcome Dave
  4. Welcome geezer
  5. Hi mate. You won’t regret it. Was the “Looking” in your heading synonymous with your surname? ‘Avin a butchers?
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  6. Welcome Geeza, Hyside have a good reputation and seem very helpful.

    Personally I'd choose the tuono but if a bike fits right then you gotta go with what feels right
  7. Ha! my surname is butcher. The Tuono is nice but the seat is suppose to be very uncomfortable and build quality isn't the best.
  8. Welcome James :):upyeah:
  9. Welcome James. I use Hyside's always been fair. Good blokes
  10. Hi and welcome good luck in the hunt for your new toy
  11. Welcome and enjoy
  12. Welcome to the Forum James and keep us informed in your search. There’s plenty on here will offer help & advice with any questions you may have about your prospective new bike :upyeah:
  13. welcome james'
  14. Welcome dude
  15. welcome to the club :)
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  16. Welcome aboard,

    From Essex as well, bought my 1299 from Hyside!
  17. They are a good bunch of blokes, Iv got the guys looking out for a decent 899 for me:upyeah:
  18. Getting a few more Essex boys on here now,

    I was in Hyside on Saturday :)
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