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New Toy

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by farmster, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. like the 70s in my shed tonight ;)


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  2. Nice, both of them!
  3. That looks great fun.
    Mark 2 chopper if I’m not mistaken?
    Hope you are wearing Oxford Bags, triple waistband (of course) and stacks whenever you enter your time machine.
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  4. Chopper GT I thnk? Thinner wheels, chrome bar behind the seat lower, different gear change...

    Very pretty cars those TR6.

    Fizzer! My arch enemy age 16. Nice!
  5. Mk2 infa red
    Factory decals
    I’ve restored about 9 in total they cost more in bits than Ducati’s trust me
    A couple have gone abroad.......
    This is a keeper the chrome cost £480 & that was a deal !







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  6. Feeling smug. I had a yellow mark 1. The mark two had the angled back axle rather than two straight tubes. I got it from the gearshift on your pic. cannot believe how much they are worth, mucho Wotsits.
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  7. Used to dream of owning a fizzie - only the rich kids got those. Puch Maxi for me - wearing flares, stack shoes and a parka or greatcoat. Oh my, 1973...... I even fitted a Chopper seat to it somehow - wish I had a picture :cool::cool:
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  8. Joking aren’t you Chum
    Council house bred & born !
    I got an engineering apprenticeship and paid 120 quid for my first popsicle fizzy. Secondhand Reg number Kwd 144p
    All of my friends who had dads. Bought Garreli Tiger cross’s
    I couldn’t get finance because there’s no want to sign for it. So I saved hard and fast.
    I had about five in total when I was 17 I could not afford a 250
    So I wedged a Yb100 engine in my Fizzy ;)
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  9. £180 my fizzie, ride it home 12 miles aged 16 having never been on a bike before. Mum literally blew her top, never seen her so angry. Took about a year, an immediate RAC/ACU course & a loan (which I actually had to repay) of my part time job money to buy leathers before she accepted it. It spent about 3 months laid out in the garage floor in bits over winter when I wanted to find out how it worked. Happy days :blush:
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  10. & btw, @farmster what you do with those Choppers is a work of art. I’d be very proud of a skill set like that!
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  11. Thank you Symon :upyeah:
    I worked in the Classic car game for a long time....... all about attention to detail I guess
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  12. I won’t be doing anymore Matey
    Too expensive to do right o_O
    I might do this 1 for the little girl next door




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  13. I had an orange Mark 1 and a blue RSW14. Nice to see one after all these years!
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  14. My brother in law’s wifes’s dad was MD of Raleigh when they launched the Chopper and Chipper back in the day. :)
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  15. I had a budgie in blue
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  16. Fs1e got me into trouble in the 70's. My neighbour had one & so did all his mates. I said do you want to blow them off. He said yes, so I stripped the top end & made a few mods. Took 30thou from the head. Port matched the barrel to piston & cut the throttle slide shape. Gave it more fuel & removed the exhaust baffle. Off he went. I even remember 4 of them coming up the hill where we lived screaming there little nuts off, one a little louder than the rest. with my neighbour andy way out in front. He now had street cred. 2 days later it threw the conrod or remember the it threw a leg out of bed saying. Ungrateful twat never spoke to me again. Pillock what did he expect.
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  17. Yellow TR6, MK2 engine or do you have the MK1 inlet head? Mine was stolen many years ago, just after I had completed the full rebuild, despite having an isolator for the Bosh fuel pump :(
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