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Featured New Tractor

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by J biker, Nov 18, 2021.

  1. Ok, so I didnt want to poison the PP thread anymore.
    Waited, seen it, seen the price, weighed up what I want/like. Then placed order for another GS. Forgive for I have sinned. Again.

    Anyway. HP colours. Heated seats. Long warranty and servicing included (offer atm.)
    Always an element of luck with new bikes/cars, but if it is as reliable as my previous 3 BMW motorcycles...then amazing as that has been 100%
    Forums eh? you would think everything self detonates just after leaving the forecourt! R 1250 GS (3).jpg
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  2. Nice. Looking a bit dated now though, after nearly 9 years. Still a cracking bike though.
  3. Fantastic mile munchers that handle like they look they shouldn't. Enjoy your new bike.

    The long warranty and included servicing sounds like a good long term investment. Is that vs. any significant discount or added accessories as part of the deal?
  4. Last major update was 2019 with the 1250 shiftcam engine. Little changes since but now adaptive headlights and some electronics updats.
    Probably a GS1300 in 2023.
  5. Negotiated a tiny bit extra, 800 euros with a little haggling, but as it was not pre registered not much give, the bike is not even in stock yet. Got a great price on my 4.5 year old GS and the servicing and warranty is around 1600 euros worth.
    BMW warranty is good though and it includes recovery etc. So for five years I dont need to think about purchasing travel break down on top.
    I have been impressed with my three BMW and this one I am trading in is around 27000miles. Hard use tbh and washed and cleaned infrequently. Gave it a good scrub up before taking it in for appraisal and it is in fantastic condition under the dirt and flies! No corrosion. Wish that could be said for the Mutli I had after 2 years and 15k

    Edit. I would add that, panniers still fit too. 2013 through to now. Probably another 7-800 saved. Really annoying that manufactures change things so much that panniers cannot be used again..
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  6. I expected to see a Kubota, most disappointing.:punch:...only joking, it looks heavy duty matching the background.:upyeah:
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  7. The picture was made using their configurator online. Exact spec of the bike though.:upyeah:

    It is funny the tractor reference though. They are really smooth now. In fact, my 1st a 2014 was smoother than the 2011 Mts1200.
    gearbox was a different matter..
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  8. I too wanted some Agri-tractor-porn, instead I now have to wash my eyes of BMW GS!

    Shame on you for hood winking the innocent
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  9. I've also heard used GS's seem to have good trade in values. Unfortunately I didnt get the same experience at a Ducati dealer (who I won't name) when I was tempted to trade in my immaculate 18 month old 950S Touring model with loads of extras, with just 6k mileage for a V4S Multistrada. They offered me 9 grand! Guess what, I didnt bother.

    Funny as they are also saying there is a lack of quality used cars and motorcycles available at the moment and this is pushing up prices of used models.
  10. Trade in values on GS here are high, but then new bike prices are crazy. depreciation has worked out around £4000 for 4.5 years and 25'000miles. Not bad at all also considering my bike was imported by me to France and shows MPH on the analogue dial. Rallye version though, so maybe that helped. Not that many around.
    One of the reasons for changing now though was before the price gap became too big.
    All of the Multistrada range here is silly money.
  11. HTR, enjoy.

    I really like mine, brilliant bikes.
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  12. You can't beat a GS, or a Multistrada. Both are excellent tourers and lovely to ride whenever the fancy takes you. You'll have fun on that.

    I have heated seat envy, but for me (and I know it's a Marmite choice) BMW haven't bettered the olive green colour scheme of mine... would like heated seats though :) .
  13. The olive green was nice, but GSA only? BMW (and Ducati) certainly know how to charge for decent colour schemes.
    Trading this in, a GS rallye. One of the better colour schemes of recent years and the blue frame is really nice.
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  14. Yep, GSA only. :)


    And best MTS colour...


    I knew I was old when I started getting more excited about ADV bikes than sports bikes. :)
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  15. enjoy' they are very good
  16. Best warranty on any brand. Fact. So nothing to worry about even if it does goes off piste.

    I think, with maintenance as normal, these bikes can go as far and as long as you like and no need to tell you how they handle ;)
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  17. The S1r seems to be more fraglley..............:D:joy::joy:
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  18. Depends how it’s ridden;)
  19. Enough of this BMW nonsense, stop it at once I tell thee, it's all very .....un-British.

    The next thing ve know iz ve vill all be admiring Lederhosen wearing, buttock slapping, Oompah band stomping, shtein shwilling German types and telling each other "Mein-got Hans, how nice Poland is zis time of zee year"!


    If you want a proper, and by that I mean not a fat, over complicated, unreliable, over priced GERMAN squatting in your garage them Orange is the only way.

    Austrians, much nicer people, generally misunderstood, very good painters.

    did you know it won the Paris Dakar.....


    I'll get ma coat.

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