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V2 New V2 - What Are Some Must Haves To Become Track Ready

Discussion in 'Panigale' started by TakoDivah, Feb 12, 2024.

  1. I have a brand new, stock v2 that I want to take to the track. Without looking at my local track rules, what are some must have mods to be track ready? I have 20 years of street riding experience but have never been to a track. Surely I shouldn’t just show up with a stock V2…?

    ex: tires, rear sets, suspension changes
  2. Honestly not much….

    some better brake pads would be a good shout, again more track focussed tyres make sense, maybe even just going up to a ‘supercorsa’ for example.

    otherwise, my advise would be to buy the official Ducati track fairing kit as it fits like OEM so you could just used the sides and nose, or bits and pieces to de-risk your standard fairing.

    you could go shorter on the gearing but honestly then you start saying ‘well I need the rear shock upgrading etc’ so you start down a ‘mods’ path…

    a good base suspension setup would be the only other thing which applies to every bike
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  3. Stock bike is fine. Do your homework about your local track rules.
    If required, replace coolant with water. Remove mirrors and tape your lights.
    Leathers must be one piece or two pieces with waist zipper. Gauntlet gloves, Track boots.
    A Wheel Chock is handy plus items on the attached checklist.

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  4. Never been on track? Stock bike is absolutely perfect. Just concentrate on enjoying the experience.
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  5. Agreed.

    You will need a brake lever guard for the bike and a back-protector under your leathers. Other than that the bike will be more than adequate as it is.
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  6. Go and buy fairings @Ricambi weiss (google it)
    they are quite affordable and will save your oem fairings if you fall (which happens to most of those who ride on track :p)
    Due to limestone issues, I would not replace coolant by water except if it is mandatory. but i never saw that kind of rules in France.

    Remove your mirrors and tape your headlights
    Riding with road tires ? Reduce tire pressure. I used to set 1.8 bars at rear
    Don't forget impact skeleton for the back !!! It might save you...

    The bike limits are far BUT yours are not.... just keep it in mind ;)
  7. Do not EVER do this…. Do not run pure water unless you are racing and rules prohibit. Anyone who’s seen the inside of aluminium heads etc when run on water for seasons of race use will be able to back this up.

    specific coolant topped up and well bled is essential, it contains important corrosion inhibitors. Personally I wouldn’t run radiator guards on track, as much as I’d like to, my V2 ran so ridiculously hot, I ended up removing the was covers and it ran 3-5 degree cooler. these euro 5 bikes really do run really hot
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  8. I disagree with this quote because you can't take it as "all encompassing".
    Do your homework about your local track rules. (I've edited my post above to reflect this)
    Please don't be late to the safety meeting and inspection / sound check.
    Our tracks require removal of engine coolant. Water-Wetter additive is permitted. If yours do not, then fine, don't replace it. However, You don't want to be the guy responsible for an hour delay while the track is being cleaned.
    Reason for the safety rule:
    Last thing you want to have happen is somebody crashes and spills anti-freeze all over the track. That stuff is stupid slippery and not easy to clean. All of the track-days in our neck of the woods require this.

    Do your homework. Rules and etiquette. Study the course map.
    Here's a safety checklist of one of out local track. Note that some tracks require you to tape or safety-wire your kickstand as this one does. Having a wheel chock is very handy. Screenshot from 2024-02-12 12-46-50.png
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  9. Make sure you have deep pockets
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  10. That’s mental!!! Are tracks in the US requiring you to run with pure water only for normal trackdays? That’s insanity…. And it can’t be argued that it does long term damage to the engine. In the UK, if we were required to change coolant to pure water every trackday then most wouldn’t bother, trackdays would just die…

    come to think of it, in the uk there is no technical inspection of the bikes at all, with 120+ riders I can’t see how they would do tech inspections to this level on morning of the trackday… can.. worms opened
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  11. I think the lesson learned is:
    leave US, go UK!!!!:joy:
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  12. It is what it is. And it's not just one isolated track either. However, I can only speak about our tracks here in Ontario / Western Quebec. As a consolation, sound testing at our local tracks seems a bit less rigid than I've been reading here.

    The inspections are early morning 7:30am at the latest but sometimes earlier if the guys have had their morning coffee. You can have it done the night before if you're staying overnight. You're provided with a sticker for your bike. Mandatory briefings are usually around 8:45am.
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  13. IDK about the US but here in Canada we're cursed to have the spawn of Fidel Castro as Prime Minister.
    At least you guys here have had the privilege in having ̶B̶o̶Z̶o̶, I meant BoJo (Freudian slip) as PM.
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  14. The only thing i might add is for the first TD consider hiring a bike .
    Sure if you really want to us your own then fine but for my first i would hire a bike and see if i like it. Chances are you will but if you don't you haven't just shelled out £XXX on stuff
    Plus they will help you through the day with everything leaving you nothing to worry about.
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  15. Any OK insurance provider for a day on a track with a street bike?
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  16. We've had 2 PMs since then.

    Both Bozos though!
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  17. I agreed with the first sentence, the second was corrected by another member. Bozo is hanging around like a bad smell though, but now Roland Rat is in charge (for a little while anyway).
  18. Upgrade it to a V4, surprised no one has suggested the obvious yet!
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  19. you've gone the wrong way..on here its go by a triumph or a gsxr......

    It really should be spend your money on some training, then tyres....then go abroad, noise levels are crap weathers crap yada yada
  20. How much training you paid for ?
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