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New Wheels

Discussion in 'Monster' started by doggy, May 7, 2020.

  1. Bought some lightweight forged Marchesini wheels off ebay . Well pleased with them, can't believe how little they way . The front is 3.1kg and the rear 3.4kg . Putting the discs on the front felt like it doubled the weight !

    s-l1600 (24).jpg

    s-l1600 (23).jpg


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  2. They are beautiful.

    When I bought my 2014 M1200S it had the Marchesini wheels on there.
    Can I ask...
    How much?
    And how did you know they would fit? were they just listed that they fit? I always worry about Ebay.

    Thanks in advance

  3. Light weight wheels are the best mod you can do to a bike
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  4. They are lovely - I have been on the lookout for some of those for my M1100S on and off for ages.
    Were they the ones from Holland?
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  5. I messaged the guy and he'd bought them to fit on a 848 evo, the standard wheels on that bike are the same as on my monster so was 99% sure they would fit .These are for the smaller rear axle bikes so I don't think they will fit 1098 etc as they have bigger axles?? He also gave me some measurements and it all lined up OK .
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  6. No they came from Scotland . I'd watched them be listed a couple of times and fancied them . Last week I sold to lod RC cars on ebay and that paid for half the cost of the wheels, so thought bugger it and bought them . The wife didn't quite see it that way though! .
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  7. Funny things wife’s, whilst they are still fiancés everything you do is fine!, then shortly after the wedding vows everything you do is wrong?, hard to figure :)
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  8. There is an old saying that goes something like this. If you put a pea in a jar every time you have sex before you are married and remove one every time you have sex after you are married, you will never empty the jar. ;)
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  9. To be honest, she's an angel. She's put up with me since we met at 17 and nearly 30 years on I'm still getting away with murder.
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  10. As the Americans would say...very sick looking.:upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:
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  11. Ha, mines good too if I’m honest, just a bit larger :)
  12. Very nice indeed.
    Note to self. Stop looking at wheel threads.
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  13. Keeping up with the Jones’s... @doggy !!

    7DC4E522-78E0-4F7D-A189-2A0BBD4F6D08.jpeg 04683A2C-8A5B-4407-A34B-3E5CF4C21B4E.jpeg

    Thanks to @Jonnyfireblade and his misfortune with his Hyper 1100S :(
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  14. @RickyX very nice, they look pukka.
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  15. Very very nice

  16. look lovely
  17. Tell them fuck all... I mean fuck all.

    It's far easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.
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  18. Nice to see them fitted on your bike
  19. Easy. It's "Ownership"

  20. Ha, I’m sure you’re correct Rex, I’m lucky with mine, she doesn’t nag, about a year in to our relationship there was a bit of it, I listened and thought about the things that bothered her but didn’t react, then I noted that the frequency suddenly increased , so one day I flipped, from mellow and calm to really angry in a flash, didn’t even see it coming myself!, anyway I asked her if she thought she owned me (your post just reminded me of this!), asked her to explain why she thought trying to control someone was a good idea, that sort of thing, she was pretty shocked and didn’t have any answers, that was more than a decade ago and she’s never done it since!, whether it was my speech or she was just going through a stage of “testing the boundaries” I’m not sure, we are both laid back by nature so could also be that but it’s something that went away as quickly as it appeared, most importantly she’s never tried to stop me going out on my bike, she just upped my life insurance:)
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