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Featured Newbeee Reporting For Dukey Sir!

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Peter Byworth, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. Hi folks, just signed up and ready for dukey.
    56 yrs young been riding since I was 16 (legally anyway lols).
    Owned many bikes over the years... always wanted a Duke... never thought I would own one.
    I do now.
    I've a few weeks yet to finish creating the bike of my vision.
    My lesson has been patience, letting go of expectation, and feeling grateful.
    Looking forward to the Spring...
    A safe journey to you all.




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  2. Welcome
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  3. All suited and booted...welcome on board the battle bus.:upyeah:
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  4. Welcome young man.
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  5. Yayyyy welcome in looks like a spoilt bike with its own heater :D

    we like bins too they keep me happy post a pic

    welcome into our mad house
    #5 Ducbird, Feb 9, 2021
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  6. Ducatis are wasted on the young.....:p
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  7. Why thank you kind Lady!

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  8. Newly acquired rear hugger-only took about 3 years to arrive from Italy!


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  9. I remember seeing these 'old guys' with 888's, and before that with Jota's etc and think, 'wish I had a bike like that, but at least I'm young'!!! Ah, the fullness of time...
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  10. 9 minutes to full bin compliance, and with no questions asked - I feel sure this is a record. :upyeah: Glad you found the place Peter.
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  11. Welcome to the forum
  12. You youngsters, all the same. Typical products of the 60's. Now when I was a lad it was real men on real bikes with drum brakes, cross ply tyres and points ignition. Nothing with more than 60bhp at the wheel. Norton commandos were super bikes. Jap bikes would never catch on Ducati' were bevel drive and Allen keys were what Allen opened his front door with.
    Welcome to the psychiatric waiting room.:)
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  13. Oh just realised. That is a bucket not a bin. Almost got that one past me. Us pensioners are not that easy to fool once we find where we left our glasses.:)
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  14. Love it! Us juveniles Sunna know we’re born! My old man worked for Rocyes all his life. He bought a new dominator once but was so broke he couldn’t afford fuel for two weeks until his next pay...so he completely took it apart-every piece-then put it back together so he could be ‘on his bike’!!
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  15. Next he had a racing DB Goldstar with no speedo-just a Rev counter...wish he’d still got it!
  16. Greetings!
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  17. Had a DBD 34. Full trim. Police took it back to the owner. That's a BSA 500 single for any youngsters reading, also made a DBD 32 350. Available in trials and clubman trim. Mega bucks now. Norton Dominator good money now, feather bed frame. Memories. Older I get better I was:)
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  18. Welcome from the states. That baby looks highly tricked out. Very nice ride.
    Brand new shoes too....
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  19. Sidi make slippers? I'll get some on order.
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