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Newbie, 916 Sp

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Spike D, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Hello

    Just picked up this 916 today and enjoyed a nice spin through West Wales


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  2. Welcome aboard!
  3. Welcome dude
  4. Well done Spike :):upyeah:
  5. Nice.
    You’ll get nicked for that helmet though...is it BS approved?
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  6. Welcome and enjoy. Nice bike!
  7. You forgot your bin :punch:

    Great picture otherwise we like pics include your bin please

    Welcome into our mad house :)
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  8. welcome spike'
  9. Welcome along and very nice bike , enjoy
  10. Welcome along Spike,good picture
  11. Welcome, lovely bike :upyeah:
  12. Nice bike, great pic, welcome.
  13. Is that the Teifi Bridge near the Cenarth Falls Spike? Nice spot for a ride.
  14. Welcome Dave
  15. Yes it is en route from Cardigan to Carmarthen
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  16. DSCN1316.JPG Hello there! Great bike, and good to see another SP :)
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  17. Welcome and great intro :upyeah:
  19. Best I can do I am afraid

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  20. Welcome to the fish bowl and just love the ride:motorcycleduc::upyeah::upyeah::upyeah::upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:
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