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Newbie From The States.

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Dr.Frankinstien’sDuc, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Hello all I just purchased my first Ducati. A 93 750ss. I’m having a few mechanical issues. SHE JUST WONT TURN OVER. I know she runs, I rode her for a few miles. Now all I’m getting is the starter and a sound as if the carbs are drowning. The jets are clear and floats are free, new plugs. I’m thinking coils.
  2. Welcome and enjoy. Sure someone will be along soon with advice. If you are stuck post up the question in the technical section.
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  3. welcome dr-frankinstiensduc
  4. If you actually mean it will not spin over when the starter engages, like the pistons are not going up and down then it could be the sprag clutch not engaging properly in which case the starter spins faster but you do not get the dum dum dum of the pistons rising and falling.
    If the bike has been stood for any time then the fuel may have drained past the float bowls (stuck float valves in the carburetor, floats may be free but the needle valves have siezed in their guides allowing the carburetor to flood) into the sump and that is preventing the pistons rising and falling in which case do not continue to spin the starter as you could break the piston rings and /or burn out the starter and / or damage the sprag clutch. Drain the oil and see if it comes out very thin, in excess volume and stinking of petrol.
    If the starter is spinning the engine, pistons rising and falling OK, are the plugs sparking (take them both out and put them back in their caps and rest them against the head and spin the starter and see if there are sparks). If no sparks first change plugs and try again, if still no sparks - check all coil connections and trace all the leads back to the wires coming out of the alternator case (LH side).
    If you have good fat sparks and the plugs are wet then the problem is the carburetor, is the choke mechanism stuck? is the air screw stuck in the wrong place (wound in all the way)
    Hope you get it sorted
  5. Welcome Dave
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  7. Nice to see someone buy old school Ducati's,welcome aboard.:upyeah:
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  10. Welcome along enjoy your stay we need pictures why no pictures