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Newbie New Bike Arrived

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by 6274rico, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. 20190601_125107.jpg Well after 3 weeks of waiting the ne 1260 multistrader has arrived.
    Picked it up and headed out towards the Yorkshire dales and beyond to lakes and back to leeds all I can say is .
    It was worth the wait.
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  2. Welcome rico'
  3. Welcome from sunny York, is the whole of Leeds joining this week :thinkingface:
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  4. Welcome along great bike
  5. Welcome (again, I think:thinkingface:). Nice bike:upyeah:
  6. Forgot your bin :thinkingface:
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  7. Nice one Rico, welcome to the forum. :)
  8. Welcome Dave
  9. Welcome mate
  10. Have a peer through the screen and beyond the car, if it was on purpose it's a beauty. :)
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  11. Very subtle! Good spotting
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  12. Hello and welcome dude...
  13. Not that good on iPhone
  14. Clearly he is better at peering through windows than You!
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  15. You would have thought Dave, as a mod you'd be given a lovely new tablet.:thinkingface:
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  16. I've been trying to get a job, bin spotting with the council, easy life, nice pension at 55 , but apparently it's not a thing.:sob:
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  17. Nice bin :upyeah:
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  18. Welcome and enjoy.
  19. I think it must be a thing...
    If I steal a bin from say 10 doors down (coz maybe it has no number on it) someone spots it and puts it back. ..
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