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Newbie New Bike Arrived

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by 6274rico, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Is that really all you can say? Because I'd quite like to know what you make of it in detail. C'mon, tell all!
  2. Well iv been on triumph tiger sports for the last 5yrs .always thought I'd trade it for another 1.but decided to test ride the multistrader.
    1st impression was felt a lot lighter.easier to move around at low speed .tiger always felt top heavy till you got going.
    Seating is a better position. I feel sat in the bike rather than on it.
    Engine felt a little lumpy at first but I soon got used to that . Brakes are good not the best iv ever had on a bike but good.
    I found the bike inspires confidence. Through the twisty .overall the best bike iv had so far.
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  3. Welcome aboard
    I've just sold my Pannigale to get my multistrada I've had a few great bikes and they have all been good in there own way but the multistrada is the best bike I have owned so far,it inspires confidence, fast,comfortable wish I purchased one earlier

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