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Noisy Exhaust? Beware....

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Mary Hinge, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. And so the namby pamby whiners continue the sanitation of our nation.... get those baffles in lads!

    Hopefully this will be aimed at those ridiculously loud and obnoxious chopper things. And not super cool looking people with flash bikes. Like me.

    Just listened to this whining ‘campaigner’ on the radio. ‘Loud motorcycle’s are ruining people’s lives down here’ I believe fannies like this should be regularly twatted with a cricket bat. Or similar

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  2. Ban all Harleys with crome open pipes .
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  3. Would a few more yards of bandage help keep the noise in?
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  4. The lunatics are running the asylum and have been for sometime now,,,is this a way of pushing electric vehicles on to us for the near future.:thinkingface:
  5. So 4 mates ride into a village and the camera is triggered. There is a picture of four bikes. Who gets nicked?
    The cops haven't got the resources to traips round every house to find the culprit.
    They could send notices out to all 4 to attend some place for a noise test
    Think it's a bit of fake news
  6. NIMBY, can't see it working in practice as per Higgy ^^^^. It can be ignored for the time being IMO.
  7. Another revenue source?
  8. Meanwhile the authorities will continue to ignore scrotes riding stolen moto crossers on parks & public footpaths. Their riding is dangerous in addition to being antisocial. There have been frequent reports of them riding aggressively towards people just trying to enjoy a park or the countryside in our area. People have also been threatened if they have tried to take photos of the scrotes in order to report them.

    Those little charmers are the ones who really need clamping down on. But they are unlikely to pay for insurance, road tax & may not even have licences so they don't offer much in the way of income for the government.

    Unfortunately the boys in blue lack the resources to tackle the problem:
    Our county (Nottinghamshire) has just 2 off road bikes available to officers. They are garaged in West Bridgford & have to be collected by van & then ferried to the required location, so they are not readily available for rapid deployment across the county.
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  9. And the authorities wonder why people put cloned reg plates onto vehicles.
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  10. Chrome ???? thank fuck for that , mine's black :D
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  11. More likely to be plonkers who cannot tell the difference between a motorcycle and a scooter with a wasp exhaust on it, that is more than likely owned by someone quite local.
  12. Surely not! :worried::eek:
  13. Where I am there is a group of dithering old twats who have bought speed guns ( Via council money ) who are going to stand by the roadside measuring peoples speed while another senile do gooder takes photos.

    It’s getting pathetic nowadays while scum just do what they want as it’s too much like work for the police to try and pursue them if they can nab a motorist for any possible reason without having to actually do anything as it a near confirmed prosecution without risk of being twatted.
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  14. Target (with bazookas) the chavy twats with loud exhaust and 'pop and bang' maps in their shit box cars!
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  15. What you pickin on me for,innit?
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  16. It won't happen..........Grayling is in charge.

    Or if it does happen, Fart cameras will be next on the list.
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  17. Dear God, no! That will cost me a feckin' fortune....
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  18. With speed cameras pictures are taken in quick succession to ascertain speed over distance. This way if two vehicles are in the shot the offending one is obviously.
    Can’t see how that’d work with noise levels though.
  19. What a load of toss. There could be a group of bikers, bikers going the other way, loud cars, ambient noise, barking dogs etc.

    Absolutely un-enforceable. :) :upyeah:
    #19 Robarano, Jun 8, 2019
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  20. they could use the camera on the speedboat racing here every thursday night during the summer until after 9pm, the police refuse to act on this though
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