Nolimits - Phillip Island Track Day - 7-9th Jan 2019

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  1. Haha great skills as if going round that place wouldn’t be taxing on your concentration enough you have to play your own avoidance version of duck hunt

  2. First lap out, pretty uneventful vid. The clutch reservoir fluid is the only indicator anything happened.
  3. I see my mate Craig had an off on someone else’s cooling gel (!) that was lay in the track and Vale hit a swarm of dead geese and binned it...I hear there were quite a few crashes day 2 :confused:

    Have you found Crankerv2 on his zx10r yet ;)
  4. I liked that crankerV2 geezer. Where's he gone. He was entertaining he was :):upyeah:
  5. Banned. Several times over ;)

    He’s enjoying the zx10r apparently...and my mate on his v4 turno says it’s quicker than his...not bad for a 2004 bike!
  6. Ah, that explains it. Well I thought he was ace.

    ZX10R's. Not a slow bike, that's for sure. Thinking of taking my (coming up) 11 year old 1098R on my next gig. That ain't slow either! Can't bare seeing it in the garage doing nowt. Such an ace bike...
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  7. He was expecting it to be slower compared to his 1198 hybrid. Not spoken to him, but other mate says he’s been surprised ;)

    May be a 2007 model actually
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  8. Hopefully that’s not the guy who was out cold under his zx10 on first lap a session at the hairpin. He’s in hospital and OK.
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  9. Uh oh... Glad he's OK and hope the bike isn't too busted...
  10. No
  11. Or, then again....
  12. Some one had to be first sticking wings on an earlier model, so 'council estate' :rolleyes:
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  13. Are you calling me council?

    How very dare you
  14. estate :eyes:
  15. Well, made it to Melbourne, sadly my luggage didn't. Qantas very generously gave me a pair of pyjamas to wear for the next 24hrs.
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  16. Do they knee sliders?
  17. Luckily the riding gear is in the shipping container, but might have to ride commando.
  18. Which did bike you ship over? 899?
  19. yes
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  20. Ahh fuck! What a pain.