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Non Duc! Gs At The Nordschleife!

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Monners, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Did a vid of the weekends silliness :)
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  2. Very impressive Dave.
    Bleeding dangerous with that breakdown truck on the track though!
  3. There was a big crash a bit later and I heard an unsubstantiated rumour that the car crashed into the truck!
  4. What times were you going on the s1000rr Dave? We alsways get the ‘I left these sports bikes behind’ stuff on these bikes, you could give a very real view of how close it would be...
  5. Love it. Just shows what a good all rounder the gs is really. No chain to adjust and blipping up and down the box nicely then doing 120mph with your top box!

    Looks like a good trip. You starting to like the bike?
  6. Notice your weight moving, the multi hated that and would weave and buck when you start hanging off, and haven’t ridden my Gs in anger much yet...does it disrupt it at all?
  7. Cool, all that traffic makes it just like my commute :D
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  8. They are no where near as fast but I think a fast person on one of these could do some pretty serious times that a racer would be proud of. I only did 9'30'' here but I didn't want to risk anything with the worn and square tyres and with it not being my bike (yet - since I dont want to give it back!). I dont think it would be as fast as a Multistrada as its a big old machine and will only do about 135mph but 9'00'' is probably doable. Billy Burke of Nurburgring Biker Blog on Facebook has done 8'30'' on his Africa Twin which is about the same as I was doing a few years back on the BMW RR but he's done thousands of laps so has the local knowledge. I've not been to the Ring on two wheels since but I've learnt the track properly now doing sub 8 in the car this year so I would imagine I'd be somewhere between 7'45 - 8'00'' these days on the race bike. I must admit I go past racebikes (usually around the outside, standing up with all my luggage, with a big smile on my face! It's not that these bike are fast since they are most definitely not with a top speed of 135-140mph but they do go well and a lot of people on racebikes are just slow!

    I love it mate, just the fact that its an enabler for silly stuff like this that I would never do otherwise!

    Its fine, pretty much rock solid. I was knee down (in textiles!) on a few occasions but I didn't want to push the worn and squared tyres too much.
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  9. We’re they the o/e tyres sir?
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  10. Yes mate, its on about 4000 miles stock tyres. They do pretty well to be fair, I've got no complaints. They were getting quite squared off and starting to feel like I was on dusty ground with random little spins on the roads. I was thinking to change them for it but the Ring laps did them the world of good and got them rounded off again!
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  11. One thing I’ve noticed is they just don’t warm up. I’ve done 120 miles, fairly spirited and high speed, yet front has a little warmth and rear is barely warm. On PR5, you couldn't touch the rear after a run like that.
    Yet they seem to grip and grip. Although with telelever forks give zero feedback
  12. Funny you mention that as I had an odd feeling of really getting a good feeling for the front wheel during and after the Ring laps that I didn't have previously. I've no idea why apart from perhaps the laps rounding the squared tyres off again but I gained a sensitivity that I dont really feel with the RR which is particularly bad for it?
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  13. But you didn’t take the GS cut at Adenau Forst!
  14. The old Monners probably would have...
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  15. The gs is a tough girl on front tyres and if you got one with anakees on it there not great in my opinion most lads I know who buy the gs swap them out asap ! I wont even take mine from the showroom with them on the bike !!
  16. Just looking on pictures and mine are Bridgestone Battlax Adventure. I'm quite happy with them and would buy them again. They did square off but there's about 4000 miles on them now so they have not done bad at all plus have a new lease of life since being rounded off again going around the Nurburgring!
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  17. Have Bridgestone A41’s on my GS and rate them highly. Get about 9000 miles out of them before squaring off.
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