1200 DVT Normal Use Question

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  1. Ditto

    Only if I’ve left it too long (reversing into the garage etc) does it not work. But all I have to do is turn it on/off then apply the lock.

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  2. Same here
  3. Been trying the advice given here when i got home from work and have got it to work ok a few times in a row.

    The video caught me out because when i originally watched it I suspected the older model might be different but wasn't 100% certain.

    Thanks for all your help people

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  4. The way I judge it is, turn the head full left, power off the ignition, wait until you see the red lights flash on the dash, then press and hold until it locks.
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  5. I shall have to try that technique when I get my bike back :upyeah:
  6. Owning the 1000 multi, I just use a key :D you crazy kids and technology is better
  7. Fred flinstone never had a breakdown either ;)
  8. That's because he wore Adidas Samba trainers
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  9. Got it all figured out now and got it to operate as described by folks in previous posts.

    Need to get the wind noise sorted from the screen now as there is no difference in 50mph or 100mph as the ride home from Coalville demonstrated last night until I hit the 50 zone on the M1 when I noticed I'd been bombing down the A42 two up at the tonne. The other issue created by the passenger was the headlight dazzling everyone I was riding behind...
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  10. if you can cure those 2 issues, then you should work for Ducati lol.
    Ive tried for over 2 years :upyeah:
    The screen needs side wings like bmw and the headlight doesn’t physically adjust enough.
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  11. 1. I never lock mine. Early DTV had issues with the system failing - so never used it on my 15 or 17 now..

    2. The 15 DVT on S - needed the headlight adjuster wound fully in (headlight down) in touring for a fat chap solo - not to dazzle oncoming traffic etc.

    3. For 2 up - did you set it to Rider and Passenger - of if you are more than 130KG combined - try also with luggage... after you adjusted the headlight all the way.

    4. As for screen - I use a cut down standard screen - its about an inch taller than the Pikes Peak - but flatish on top

    Wind comes below my helmet (can't beat that :eek:) so is quieter as head in clean air.

    I wear year plugs too.
  12. Yes I eventually figured out how to adjust the rear suspension to include passenger but feel it needs luggage option adding as well so it's less dazzling.

    This thing is a total missile though when full power is used i don't think i dare ever ride a Panigale...