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Norton Deposit Info, It's Demise & It’s New Owners

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by John W, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. Yes I had my deposit returned via lloyds bank even though I paid by debit card. Interestingly no one from the new Norton management has ever contacted me .
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  2. I'm still hopeful that we will see Norton actually do quite well under this new ownership, and was super pleased to hear how much of a priority the 650cc twin is to them and that the Supersport will happen at some point, as that was the bike for me for sure..
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  3. I had my deposit returned too, via Lloyds.
    I have been contacted by the lady at New Norton during the year, and my response was that I would only entertain buying one if there were some level of assurance that the warranty would be honored, and the engine is in fact reliable.
    Having now bought a Pani FE its very unlikely I will buy one.
  4. And it would have to be a hell of a bike to be better than a Panigale FE. :)
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  5. Likewise I had my deposit refunded via Lloyds, but haven’t heard nothing from Norton, my only regret is I should have knocked the wanker out at the NEC when I fronted him up , at the time he had a roid head as a minder lol(not that mattered) . On a positive side side the if they can get the super light into production I will definitely by one .
  6. Aprilia 660?
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  7. I would still like the super light! Think it would be amazing but I wouldn’t expect power levels like the rs660 in honesty.

    tbh...... I could see Norton buying the engines from Aprilia for this and the Atlas, but that’s depending on the budget they have to develop their own
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  8. You can only apply :)
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  9. May I ask when you received as I have not yet and seen or heard of my just empty replies to my questions
  10. I received my money within 5 working days of contacting lloyds bank , they just credited my account . Sorry I cannot remember the exact date .
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  11. I to got my deposit back last year, i have had only the one phone call from them back at the beginning of the takeover,weather i hear from them in coming weeks/months-who knows? If i did i think i'd probably still say yes for a V4.
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  12. I hope they mean quantity!

    "Norton will resume production of the Commando Classic model at the Solihull site, building a limited quality to honour customers who had ordered and paid a deposit on these bikes."
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  13. I wrote this morning to confirm my bakpnk details and they wrote back saying that they don't hold anyone bank details and IF they were to pay me my money it would only in a the form pf a cheque posted!
  14. I hope you are able to get your refund.
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  15. Have you asked for a full refund?
  16. Yes I did, TVS called to offer the bike I ordered, Atlas SS but I don't need it and besides there is no delivery date. But its all a bit dark, TVS have no obligation yet they offer to take on the order so I asked does that mean that my deposit is transferred to TVS, if so how come as there is no financial relationship between them and the liquidator, so you cant transfer my money or even ask for it? No answer ether side there.
    I said this give me my money and I will decide if I want to transfer it!
  17. Unless rather than transfer funds between the liquidator and TVS, what they are actually doing is if you say you want the bike, they will just commit to making it and charging you price - minus deposit and they will just swallow it, because assuming your deposit is maybe £1000-2000 they would rather just suck it up and loose that to get the product to you and restore the brand integrity. They probably realise that people that have been screwed around and fell in love enough to put deposits down with long lead times will probably be their very best PR if they don't screw up.
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