Nsr 250 Sp

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Steve m, May 26, 2017.

  1. Dig deep if its an NSR250. My 28SP just sold for £9k and my 21 went for £6k (which was too cheap)
  2. .! I know they make strong money, I guess you just have to bite the bullet and stump up the dough to get something decent. It would probably be cheaper to put my old TZ350 on the road, I need an excuse to put it back together.
  3. Possibly selling my restored and upgraded RG500 soon, but wont be a cheap bike considering the engine rebuild alone was £4k..
  4. I'm not fekin tetchy :mad:
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  5. Have a look at a KR 1S
  6. Looked at everything and it's probably between nsr250 and tzr - 3ma or similar, maybe April a Rs. Who knows.
  7. Had a few 3mas as well. They are so fiddly with jetting, need constant messing with, or a good sense of compromise.. But look and sound trick as hell
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  8. Aprilia rs 250 I had was mega reliable did Leeds to London via Nottingham a few times
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  9. @Messer Keep me informed. ;)
  10. Hi, I think im going to keep it but there is a featured thread and a few pics on this section