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Off To Sw Ireland Tomorrow - Not Been There On The Bikes Before So Really Looking Forward To It!

Discussion in 'Touring' started by firecat0_0, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. We land (all being well) late afternoon then ride to a place outside Kenmare. We are thinking of using the major roads to get there quickly as the Mrs does not like riding her bike in the dark and navigation has been known to go wrong! I wondered if there are any forum members who can recommend a quick/easy route?

    Once there our intention is to kick back and chill out intermingled this with some days out on the bikes. Any recommendations on places to go or routes would be appreciated!

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  2. Just come back from a jaunt in the West with the family..

    ...I can definitely recommend you take your weather gear!...

  3. Aye been looking at the weather regularly, it will be what it will be. This week in wales has been cracking.
  4. XCWeather app I find to be the most accurate around here (SW Ireland)
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  5. Firstly, where are you landing? Dublin or Rosslare?
    In order to get to Kenmare ASAP then:

    if Dublin, follow signs for the M50 ring road then take the N7 which leads into the M7 to Limerick, then turn off on the M8 for Cork. In Cork, go through the Jack Lynch tunnel then follow the Southern Ring around Cork City and the N22 for Macroom & Killarney. Stay on this road through Macroom, Ballyvourney (Baile Bhurne) and then 13km after Ballyvourney turn left onto the R569 for Kilgarvan and then straight into Kenmare.

    if Rosslare, then take the N25 to Cork then follow the directions above from Cork to Kenmare.

    Total journey time, either way will be c.4hrs

    Next, where exactly are you staying and for how long?

    Lastly, for now. What are you riding? Suggested roads will depend on the bike. Some are great on some bikes but uncomfortable on others.

    Kenmare’s a fantastic place for a few days stay, some great roads around there. It’s about an hour from me. I’ll post some suggestions for ride outs shortly when I know a bit more about your schedule.
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  6. Another vote for XC..........but I’ve recently found YR.NO which is better imo.
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  7. Hi,
    Thanks for the weather app and route suggestion.
    We are staying in Kilgarvan and using it as a base, we are riding a multi 1260 and monster 1200.
  8. Cool, better suited for round here than a sports bike. Suggestions to follow
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  9. This is why I love this forum :heart:
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  10. SPOILER : Apologies for the long post below and lack of eye-candy:(

    It'll be much easier when I can simply post a link to the web site.:)

    One suggested ride out below
  11. Ring Of Beara (inc Healy Pass)

    Leave Kenmare on the N71 heading south, cross the bridge and turn right onto R571 for Castletownbere (aka Castletown Bearhaven).

    After 16km (10 miles) turn right onto R573 for Tuosist, this ensures you stay on the coast road for the best views.

    Where the R573 re-joins the R571 in Lauragh turn left then right onto the R574 marked Healy Pass. Follow signs for Healy Pass/Adrigole. The land will begin to fall away from you into the valley below as you climb up, out of the woods and into the mountains. Stop to look back at Glanmore lake below you and Kenmare Bay in the distance with the Kerry Mountains on the horizon.

    When you reach the top and pass through the mountains the vista will suddenly open up to your left to reveal the Healy Pass. Stop & admire the road as it hairpins back and forth down the mountain and across the valley floor below.

    When you’re ready to attack the road and there’s nothing on the horizon coming towards you, go for it. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from turning around and going back up and down again and again, it’s to be enjoyed. Once done, follow the road to the end, Adrigole.

    (Please note the Healy Pass is a narrow road with many blind bends and contrary to what some might think, due to the nature of the road, it’s not one-way; it’s a two way road.)

    At the end of the road, in Adrigole, turn right towards Castletownbere.

    In Castletownbere follow the signs for Dursey Island on route to which you will pass the Dogzchen Beara Buddhist Temple and retreat, Ireland’s only Buddhist temple. This is worth a visit simply to take in the amazing views from their Garden of Contemplation; additionally there is a small cafe on site with stunning views if the weather is inclement.

    After passing through Cahermore you’ll see a turning for Dursey Island to your right, this road leads to Ireland’s only cable car which links the island of Dursey to the mainland. People, cows, sheep and goats all use the cable car.

    You can only return the way you came and at the junction turn left to Allihies, now a holiday village but once a busy mining town and the museum is worth a visit.

    As you follow the coast road around through Allihies and onto Eyeries you will be presented with the most stunning scenery, stop and savour several times.

    When you reach a T-junction you turn left for Eyeries, then follow the road past Eyeries, to Ardgroom, Lauragh, and back into Kenmare.

    Distance : 112Km (70 miles) - 130km inc Dursey Island.
    Time to cover : 2hrs 45 mins (non-stop), in reality, with stops to admire the scenery and POI en route, c. 4hrs, longer with stops for tea/coffee/lunch.
    Fuel: Kenmare, Castletownbere, Ardgroom, and Allihies (if they’re open).
    Food/Drink : Kenmare, Castletownbere, Dogzchen Beara Buddhist Temple, Allihies, Eyeries, Ardgroom, Lauragh.

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  12. Suggested route 2.

    The Ring of Kerry.


    As I have to map this section out in intimate detail, for off main route possibilities, what follows is not as extensive.

    Points to note. The coaches go anti-clockwise so you should go clockwise.

    From Kilgarvan head for Kenmare and turn right at the r'bout, down the Main Street and left at the T-Junction opposite Quills. It's signposted Ring of Kerry and/or Moll's Gap.

    On the outskirts of Kenmare, by the petrol station turn left for Sneem, N70, this will take you too the RoK in a clockwise direction. Stay on the N70.

    After Caherdaniel, Derrynane House is worth visiting, lovely gardens, a great beach and the home of Daniel O'Connell, The Great Liberator.

    The N70 goes all around the edge of the Iveagh Peninsula (Kerry Penisula), through Waterville, Cahersiven, Glenbeigh and Killorglin at which point you turn right, having crossed the river and follow signs for Killarney on the N72.

    Relatively speaking, Killarney is a large town, full of hotels and Americans, very cheesy and although it has some interesting history, best avoided.

    In Killarney, follow signs for N71 and Skibbereen, this will take you past Muckross House (worth visiting), Torc Waterfall, (also worth visiting but a bit of a trek uphill on foot), past the Killarney Lakes and onto Ladies View. Stop here to a) admire the view and b) watch out for Leprechauns crossing the road!

    You'll the carry on, up into the mountains to the pass known as Moll's Gap. Here, in the middle of nowhere is an Avoca store. Build it and they will come. There are 2 routes down from the mountain but the best is to stay on the N71 and follow signs for Kenmare.

    Fuel : Kenmare, Waterville, Cahersiveen, Killorglin, Killarney.
    Distance : 180km
    Time to cover : 3.5 hrs but realistically 5-6hrs with stops.
    Food : Numerous places on route, its very touristy.
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  13. Both the above are leisurely and scenic. For a faster paced ride out:

    Leave Kenmare, over the bridge heading south on the N71. Stay on the N71 through Bonane, past Molly Gallivan's and over the Caha Pass heading towards Bantry.

    From Bonane to the tunnel at the top of the Caha Pass is a series of fast straights and wide sweeping bends with an excellent road surface. So good, it's worth traversing several times.

    After the tunnel at the top of the pass you enter County Cork and the road winds down the hill through Glengarrif, Ballylickey and into Bantry.

    To return, your choices are to turn around and go back the way you came or at Ouvane Falls (pub) just before Ballylickey, turn left onto the R584 for Killkeal and Gougane Barra. Gougane Barra is really beautiful, especially if it's been raining as the water pours off the steep face of the mountains into the lake.

    Stay on the R584 to Macroom and then pick up the N22 to Killarney and back to Kilgarvan via that.

    The N71 is fast, as is the N22 and the road into Kilgarvan but the R584 is twisty and narrow but scenic.
  14. I hope these help. If you need any more information or local knowledge just ask:)
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  15. Hi,

    It was an interesting ride from the ferry, we finally got to our destination around ten thirty after stopping for a bite to eat so about 5 hours of riding, the last 70 km were completed in the rain and in the dark, quite difficult for us but we got there safe and well.and the return journey in daylight will be really good fun.

    Thank you so much for going to the effort you obviously have on the routes, we really appreciated it and are looking forward to riding them during the week. Whilst waiting in Fishguard we got talking to a guy who was making his annual pilgrimage to a vintage bike rally in Killarney, he recommended several routes in the area surrounding Killarney and recommended one which included a place called “kilmacaloo” - forgive my phonetic spelling but have you heard of it? Apparently there is a pub good for locally sourced seafood. Not much to go on I know but I thought I would ask as the guy was so enthusiastic about it!

    Thanks once again!
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  16. Plus one for avoiding Killarney itself.
    It's a tourist trap where no one bothers seeking repeat business.
    Accomodation is poor and over- priced and so is food.
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  17. Hi, I’m glad to read you got there safely, shame about the rain, didn’t have any here yesterday and this morning - blue skies:)

    Kilmacaloo, I’m guessing is Killmacalogue Harbour. It’s on the north side of the Beara Peninsula. You’d run round it on the suggested route of the Ring of Beara between Tuosist and Lauragh in my description above; just outside Kenmare. There’s a pub there called Teddy O’Sullivans. I’ve not eaten there but a quick check on Tripadvisor shows good write ups and mentions sea food, so I’m guessing it’s that one. Almost all the rallies, of any type of vehicle, that are based out Killarney do the Ring of Beara and the Healy Pass. (I found my photo of the Healy Pass, couldn’t find it yesterday).
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  18. As the weather’s :sun::sun::sun: today if you see a red M1100S on the road with a rider with a yellow helmet that’s me:). I’ll be heading over to Kenmare & the Beara a little later anyways.
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  19. Hi,
    sounds like that was the place being described, you found it in spite of my poor description! We are going to do the beara route today, cheers!:upyeah:
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