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    I really genuinely think the avatar has large nipples rather than micro balls so Loz Mooooos more nice? no gender determination, just soft Mooo, and the other one has a hard "let me jam my horn up the bears arse Moo?"
    my nondiscriminatory answer is a "soft but dangerous moo"
    the boss Toro got sex appeal?
    dont do that ever see a bull sit on a girl?
    need some funny ratings, get my score up, want to be an administrator
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  2. Sorry, I seem to be lost. I was looking for planet earth. Can anyone around here point me in that direction?
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  3. Nope, but it's not in Oz :)
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  4. Wow, that's generous towards a kiwi, you being an Ozzie and all that, chiz.

    Don't you do it. Don't you dare.
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  5. you septic tank!
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  6. Hello Andrew :)
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  7. Sssshhh, Elise. Wrong forum.
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  8. Oops, bye Andrew o_O
  9. saint Andrew or sir to you mofo
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  10. If they made Brittens; I wouldn't buy Ducatis
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    I believe the failed part was a rectifier made by the "Prince of Darkness"
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  12. Have you not considered carefully tearing your Desmoquattro Guide in half? That's one Desmodue for you, and one you can sell.

    I shouldn't have to explain this stuff to you, Elise.
  13. Shhh Liz, I'm investigating - serious stuff :)
  14. Not MY stuff, I trust.
  15. MY? looser :):upyeah:
  16. Better be joking or I'll set finm on you.
  17. Get a grip man and sort it :rolleyes: brw
  18. I think he's still on the moors, you're safe for now
  19. Finm is a o_O