Off Topic Replies To Posts In Oh-so-serious Threads

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Loz, Apr 21, 2015.

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  2. And a masters degree!
  3. bollox. you would of said before, trust me. ..HNC, i remember you saying quite clearly
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  4. Paul xxx
    HNC Elec., CITB J11 Refrigeration, M.B.A.
  5. :D
    goat, your easy. :D:upyeah:
  6. :D:D

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  7. Themz the labels the plugs came with. :) God knows what's inside. I'm going to whack in some 30 Amp-ers, just for you AC. :D
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  8. Down an order of magnitude dude...down one. ....3amps
  9. Please stop using words i have to google, I'm 'learning politics' on this motorbike forum.
  10. At least you do the fecking homework, unlike old pine marten brain up there ^^^
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  11. But BMW don't make food, medicine or clothes do they ?
    Perhaps the clothes, I don't know.

    (Sorry couldn't resist):):):)
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  12. savage wee feckers, expieriance tells me that pine martin v snake, pine martin wins EVERY time.
  13. Fluffy clouds
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  14. It's only your brain that is pine marten, genius. The rest of you is pure squirrel.

    : o D

    Too easy. I'll give you a head start next time, hon.
  15. eh, no you wont!!.
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  16. France ? :)
  17. yip. france is one of us.
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  18. I think a forum member has recently come into some money,
    Anything to tell Elsie....? @Exige
  19. old photo?
  20. Future photo, has AC got a DeLorean :thinkingface:
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