Off Topic Replies To Posts In Oh-so-serious Threads

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Loz, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. the ones with the outstanding CV's.
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  2. A quality you don't share with your wife, thankfully for you :p
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  3. meh, word of mouth mate, word of mouth. :yum
  4. Ah. she telt you too :)
  5. Aye, always with the telting with that yin.
  6. I was born with nothing...………….

    And I've still got most of it !!!
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  7. cant blame em, have you seen their neighbours
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  8. Is there an alternative payment facility you use?

    Bearing in mind that PayPal, amongst other financial services firms, has become a partisan political activist organisation seeking to disadvantage and disenfranchise non-leftist, non-globalist , non-establishment and non-EU supporters?

    Asking for a friend.
  9. Bank Transfer :bucktooth:
  10. Shut it.
  11. If he gets the wall built he will have done what the people that voted for him wanted ?

    We need a trump.
  12. Some folks have been saying that for a while.

    In the meantime, we will just have to make do with our Soubrys and our Bercows.
  13. Sourpuss and Bearcow ? Is that the best we have ?
  14. Until we leave the EU and can once again attract suitable people to run for Parliament.
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  15. nah, but i dont think we have any candidates in your neck of the woods.
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  16. Isn't that one of the yellow vest protests:

    'Why has our local council got a whole department just for twinning ?'
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  17. Forgot to mention I’d been up to Hervey Bay a few times and onto Fraser Island, just stunning it is, had a guided tour in a Hummer , two of the highlights for me were lake Mackenzie and 75 mile can guess how it got it’s name!!

    I don't know...… In NZ we have 90 Mile Beach, which is 55 miles long. Apparently it was surveyed by a Frenchman, and he measured it in Km, we were still Imperial way back then and it was misunderstood in the translation.
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  18. No mention of a Desert Eagle .45

  19. I'm lost