Off Topic Replies To Posts In Oh-so-serious Threads

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Loz, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Threads still open, @Alan williams . Darkness has vouched for you.
  2. Are there dragons at Horsmonden: I didn’t know that! My (Paper) map just warned ‘There be Monsters hereabouts’, so I had to go look?
  3. "Monsters" could mean anything. Don't settle for anything less than Dragons.
  4. I’m going to wait and see what others think too, in case you’re wrong o_O
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  5. Where is your off switch the fin :thinkingface:
  6. i have two. one on each hand. right at the end of the third digit.
  7. Remind me how many digits you have :thinkingface:
  8. its not hard. so take yer hands out your pocket and count them
  9. only the two?
    one on each hand?
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  10. Yes, two, left and right hands?
  11. yip, and they are both going flat out.
    i need a holiday.
  12. Yip, I need a holiday too.

    You don’t get weekends, bank holidays or annual holidays when you don’t go out to work.
  13. seemingly every day is a holiday if you enjoy what yo do.
    i need a holiday.
  14. Bring back corporal punishment you mean ?

    (but only for politicians)
  15. Oh! I didn't but ...

    Hmm ... let me think whether I should change my position on this ...
  16. :eyes:
  17. OK. Thought about it.

    No corporal punishment for MPs.

    My initial idea of perpetual hung Parliaments should obviate the need for hanging the bastards ...
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  18. You have a better memory than me that’s for sure
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  19. Nearly, I nearly got away with it.
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