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Off Topic Replies To Posts In Oh-so-serious Threads

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Loz, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Duck ?
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  2. I just did, why? Who threw something?
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  3. Louis.
  4. Is that pronounced Looey or Lewis and who TF is he/she?

    Damn, drinkning on an empty stomach is not a good idea.
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  5. Looey I think.

    Try a glass of water backwards, that could help with the drinkNing problem.
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  6. There's a tpying problem asrisng as well I suspect :thinkingface:
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  7. No. They were meant in jest. :rolleyes:
  8. I know, sorry, only playing.
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  9. Ah, like 'jest' and stuff, veeeery interesting :bucktooth:
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  10. Charley says “Never play with comments about Brexit”

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  11. I didn’t. You did. :)
  12. bullshit. its the first thing you see when you google it.
  13. :):upyeah::bucktooth:;):(:mad::confused::cool::p:D:astonished::eek::oops::punch::rolleyes:o_O:worried::innocent::yum:mask::thinkingface::thinkingface::blush::relieved:: unamused::sleeping::sweat::cold_sweat::grinning::joy::laughing::sob::weary_face::tired_face::pensive::confounded::triumph::scream::dizzy::kissing::kissing_heart::heart_eyes::expressionless::neutral::no_mouth::imp::eyes::skull::poop::poop::sun::beer::beer::beer::party::idea::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::bomb::broken_heart::heart::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::fist::noentry::splat:

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  14. Long shot here Paul but are you certain that the plates are turning in the right direction?
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  15. No good for you, peanut. You're a fan of riding bareback, IIRC.
  16. FOR SALE 1098r Troy Bayliss Limited Edition £16,000
    That escalated quickly...
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  17. Do not post...... buttocks or crothes?
    WTF is CROTHES? :D

    "Strategically cover nudity".... you mean anyone in A BIKINI?
    What will happen to the strangely attractive thread!:scream::worried::astonished:

    Mind you saying that... the picture thread has very recently needed attention!


  18. They are forum rules AC ones that you come very very close to overstepping at times in the picture threads
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  19. So what's the mileage then? Ducati Glasgow said 17000 miles when they were selling it - or should this be in the actual thread :thinkingface:
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