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For Sale Ohlins Ttx Hydraulic Preload Adjuster

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Wardybud, Dec 31, 2019.

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  1. I bought this in October 2019, however, Santa has been good to me this year and brought me the pneumatic adjuster and filling tool so I have no need for this.

    It was installed on my shock but hasn't seen any use. It is in brand new condition with the odd minor storage mark. This version is the one where the actual adjuster is to face towards the rear of the bike like the ones on the 1x98 series bikes.

    I got this from WRS which are selling them for €260 plus postage. https://www.wrs.it/en/shock-absorbe...-preload-ohlins-for-ttx36-shock-absorber.html

    I'm looking for £200 plus £10 postage.










  2. Have you any pictures fitted?
  3. I've only got pictures of it on the shock, none with the shock on the bike.



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  4. Is a shorter spring required to use this?
  5. @razz if your asking regarding the 1*98 series TTX shocks then no, this can be fitted with the usual 160mm spring. These fit any TTX 36 shock absorber and come as standard on the DU788 etc

    I am currently using a shorter spring as pictured because I got the lower eyelet/mounting point to be used in conjunction with an RS flat link. If you don't have any flat link then you're good to go.
  6. I had one fitted to my DU301 shock on my old 749R bss bike
  7. It's a really useful bit of kit. If I didn't seize the opportunity of getting the pneumatic adjuster I'd have 100% kept this. Bit of a waste now just lying around. Needs to go to a good home.
  8. Bump, still available.
  9. Price drop, £200 including postage.
  10. Price drop, £190 including postage.
  11. Price drop, £180 including postage.
  12. Price drop, £170 including postage.
  13. Another price drop, £160 including postage. Can't go any lower than this as it is now £80 below RRP and in new/unused condition.
  14. Sunday bump.
  15. Now sold. Thread can be closed, Thanks.
  16. Locked thread :)
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