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1200 Oil Change, Centre Stand Has To Come Off ? Seriously !!!

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Desmoboy, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. I attempted to do an oil change this evening on my 2014 1200s. It looks like the centre stand has to come off.

    Is this correct or am i being a complete numpty ?

    Please enlighten me.
  2. Yep. A lot of people, me included did a fairly simple mod to the skid plate so it will come off without removing the centerstand (Slot the holes to the rear). Those springs are a PITA to get loose. Shop says they did mine w/o removing it, but not sure I see how.
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  3. removing centerstand is very simple
    screw in the left screw, hook in the springs on the right and pull the stand into position then
    Screw in right-hand screw

    Remove right screw, unhook springs,
    Remove left screw
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  4. Thanks Aero. I tried that on mine but it was a no-go. Maybe because the springs were new. Since then I've been stuffing the springs with coins and washers when in the down position, then when you move to the up position it's close to being able to come off, and your method would have worked for me then probably. Since doing the pan mod I don't have to remove it much.
  5. a £5 spring puller from ebay makes putting the springs on and off really easy
  6. Fill the oil filter with oil before popping the new one in, keith. Worth mentioning if you didn't know'
  7. O.K thanks guys
    I realised actually that the stand would have to come off, i just cant believe it was designed to be that stupid a process. Got the thing off this evening and i will slot the plate before i put it back.

    A bigger problem this evening is that the 4 sump plate allen bolts have been butchered. All of my allen keys are too sloppy a fit to risk applying any force to the deal.
    Considering the issues i had with the supplying dealer( over a lie about the seat, long story !)when i bought it last year i have to say that they are very shoddy to have not replaced them. I know they either caused the issue or ignored it because the oil was brand new when i got it.
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  8. I found out when mind did the same thing, apparently its common for those screws to be buggered. Good for about one loosening, if that. Things to try: Hammer in a slightly larger torx. Or slightly larger size hex. I had to take a grinder and carefully slot the head then use a punch to tap it around in the loosening direction to get it loose.
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  9. O.K, it turns out the sump bolts were T30 and not Allen head bolts.
    I dont know which is standard but never mind. Instead of relying on slotting the rear mounting holes, which i have done anyway i decided on a better solution.

    I turned the 4 bolt holes into this single access hole.
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