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  1. I call bull**** on this whole story, I was with you OP until you blamed the back brake, we all know they are ornamental items only, NO ONE has ever locked a rear wheel up due to the overly anemic rear brake ....

    On another note, get well soon fella ... :)
  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Prepare for the grief from your close family
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  3. Hope you recover swiftly
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  4. Sorry to hear this. I hope you mend soon. The bike can be fixed. I'd advise not to involve the insurance if you want to keep the bike, they will write it off.
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  5. GWS, as said by others if you want to keep the bike don't involve insurance :(
    I can also back you up as I have locked the back wheel on my ST4 at high speed (north of 60 anyway) but I fortunately didn't taste any tarmac :oops:
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  6. Post #18 covers this. Hope your observational skills are better on the road :joy:
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  7. Hi Old rider
    Chin up and get well soon, fingers crossed you can come up with a plan for the bike, all the best, I hope to be back in Exeter in a few weeks if your up for it I will get you a pint or two at the Quays ( or cider)
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  8. GWS look after yourself
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  9. Sorry to hear that Old rider, get well soon.
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  10. GWS fella. I’ve asked before on here if there’s anyone that’s not bust a shoulder blade? :(
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  11. Brilliant, you cheeky f***ker but no more than I deserve ....
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  12. Be careful what you wish for
    If the rear wheel hadn’t locked, I wouldn’t have got spat off.
    Presumably abs would have prevented it though.
  13. It probably only locked because I was putting so much pressure on the front brake that the rear wheel was super light.
    The skid mark was tick shaped with the short section of the tick being where the tyre gripped again and I got launched down the road.
    From that point it was exactly like one of those on board video clips which go ground, sky, ground, sky, ground, sky and then eerily still.
    I then tried to get up and failed, tried harder and succeeded.
  14. Well predicted, @Char , I puked and momentarily blacked out on Tuesday morning. Went to A and E and had low blood pressure - classic shock.
  15. Except I backed it down the straight and ran out of opposite lock before releasing the back brake :/
    We’ve all seen the close up slo-mos of a rear wheel being backed into a corner and I have never understood how it’s possible to transition from sliding with wheel locked to sliding at the same angle with power on. Why don’t they get spat off like I did??
  16. How you doing oldie
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  17. I think my downfall (literally) may have been that I was trying to direct the bike back to my side of the road at the same time as applying maximum braking, so the bike got crossed up.
  18. GWS! I had a scary moment on a badly patched bit of road that was unsigned. Very lucky to keep it upright!
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  19. Trouble is bikes are easy to fix. Injuries stay with you for life & attack you in old age. Sorry to hear about your accident.
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  20. Saw the consultant today.
    Scheduled for an op on Saturday using the “Lockdown” system to realign my grade 4 displaced clavicle with my shoulder blade.
    Worst day was Tuesday - the day after the day after, when I felt really sore and beaten up. Much better now though with ribs etc much less sore
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