Featured Old School 748 Revival....

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  1. Chrome is heavily pitted/corroded and the anodising on the tubes is quite crusty. Could be refinished and new stancions put in, but probably cost more than picking up a decent used pair up. There’s plenty of 40mm legs about for a couple of hundred quid, so just need to hang on for a decent set of 65mm to crop up.
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  2. Neil, I’ve just removed the 99 Lorenzo stickers from my M1200, I’ll put them back on if you promise to keep the Rossi sticker on yours, deal?
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  3. You need some white 1980’s leathers to go with that bike I reckon
  4. Rossi????? It's #46 Tommy Bridewell ;)
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  5. Very sensible approach.... sympathetic and more cost affective in the long run. That's what I keep telling myself when I get stuck in..... Then it all goes out the window when I start catalog surfing!! I'm sure it's an illness? But haven't found a cure yet:D
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  6. @Denzil the Ducati knows an eBay Italy site that does very reasonable NOS. (I really should take note of it one day).
  7. CR, I checked it yesterday (the seller's shop is Piricambi10) and there were no 748 forks listed but there are 749/999 and various others including 65mm ones from Monsters or ST2 for less than £300 a pair. It may be worth a look as this is NOS stuff and some of the prices just for new component donors are difficult to beat
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  8. I have a set of standard 999 forks if needed - I can bring them with me next Friday if any good for you @nelly :):upyeah:
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  9. Thanks Stuart, but I don’t think they’re a straight fit. Clamping diameters differ iirc. Don’t want to go down the route of machining or shimming the yokes at this point.
  10. No problem :):upyeah:
  11. They are the same sizes in the yokes but issues may arise with disc offsets..but not sure this time of night

    Edit: Maybe 748r discs would be needed
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  12. Thanks mate. @Exige can we give them a go then :)
  13. Sure, I’ll bring them next Friday for you to have a look - they will be cheap :innocent:
  14. I see it us for road use too.

    The 999 legs don't have an anti rotational peg for the speedo drive. The clamping force on the spindle should hold it in place.

    If you need any spacer etc @nelly let me know
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