Only Called Snells To Ask A Question Out Of Curiosity !!!

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  1. So, been thinking about what I swop the Hyperstrada 821 for, it replaced my old (05) Multistrada as I needed something to commute and take wifey on the back of with a bit of protection for me on the M4, its been great.

    I didn't get a Multistrada back then as 1200cc was massive overkill and more than I wanted, and wanted to spend .... then someone mentioned the new'ish Multistrada 950 to me ...

    So I call my dealer (Snells in Alton) and ask a few questions about price, specs etc, work out that none of the packs they do work as I want a pick and mix solution of some luggage and other bits, at which point they tell me that they are sure they can do bits ad hoc etc .....

    Before I know it I've traded the Hyperstrada in, have a new Multistrada 950 on order to arrive in about a fortnight with centre stand, top box rack (already have the box), heated grips and the funky tank bag with USB charging hub .....

    Didn't even need to leave my desk !!!!

    All I can say is as ever excellent service from the team down at Snells [​IMG]

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  2. Haha I like this :)
  3. Agreed
  4. Congratz; seen two in person & they are smart. Just remember the normal rear-swing requires a 12-point 36mm socket (if you go touring).
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  5. Snells r ace. I travel 60 miles to use them in preference to the ones near me. They service all my ducati's throughout the years and I bought my 1299S from them.

    Plus the cafe nearby is proper old school greasy spoon. Just my cup of tea.

    Enjoy your multi. :)
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  6. I travel 105. :p
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  7. I'm lazy and I use their pick up service, but they are great :cool:
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  8. My Desmo came from Snells, but I never got the original bill of sale from the 1st owner. One call to Snells and after checking with the 1st owner that it was OK to pass this info on, they mailed me every document they had for the bike. Also a load of pictures of them fitting the GP07 exhaust.

    Very helpful people and I'd use them if they were local-ish to me. :upyeah:
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  9. Good choice Dibble.

    I bought a Multistrada 950 from Snells back in March and its awesome. Got 4.5k miles on it already, and the gents at Snells are fab. Enjoy your new ride when you get it.
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  10. Enjoy your bike great choice ,and Snells are great
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  11. They just serviced my 899 were fab and even lent new a £10 as I had no cash for the cafe. Can't get better than that!
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  12. I travelled 500 miles (and then 500 more) to buy my Multistrada from them: they’d looked after me well when I lived in Surrey, so wanted to give them the business, even after I’d moved to Scotland.
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  13. That’s several bacon butties from the station cafe - did you get the suspension readjusted afterwards? ;)
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  14. You win :upyeah:
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  15. Collecting mine Sat. Wondering if I should take my licence and try a 1200 monster...
  16. Would be rude not to!
  17. Bradders what you collecting 950 MS? Trading in 1200S?
  18. What you getting bradders ?
  19. Just a service and the throttle recall and sort the DSS issue.

    Bit its now just over 2 yrs old, so probably time to change soon.

    And whoever said 950 go wash your mouth out ;)

    Seriously considering a brand change, after 2 multis and an 848 as my last 3 road bikes.