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999 Open Clutch

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by Wasted Time Lord, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. Your thoughts will be appreciated. The standard clutch has no cooling to speak of, not that I've heard of overheating clutches on Ducatis. Still it seems to me that a ventilated clutch cover is an improvement in cooling when there's a fairing in front. Maybe it's a non-issue, but it seems like a minor plus to me.

    More importantly, ventilated clutch covers are sexier; and, I feel, it would be quieter: surely the solid cover amplifies that rattle?

    So, it would also need an anodized pressure plate. Also anodized spring cups? Does anyone have recommendations for particular products?

    I have an open, billet, cover; though it needs longer screws, apparently arriving tomorrow. Both cover and screws are black. I think a gold pressure plate would match the Showa fork uppers, but red would reinforce the red and black colour scheme (my baby says it's alright).

    I see Chrisw mentions retaining the standard cover and replacing the gasket with washers, but I think the silver cover is one of the few parts that lets 999 styling down (if you've see my pics you'll notice I didn't waste much time replacing the windscreen with a black, nipple-less one!)

    Incidentally, not only did I come to prefer the 999 headlight arrangement, I've come to actively dislike both side-by-side twin lamp arrangements, and single square headlights! This is, perhaps, helped by my lifelong favourite aircraft being the English Electric Lightning - an aircraft of which a designer in Cape Town couldn't help but notice... Pierre Terblanche hasn't got back to me on that one :(

    Also, were I to express a shotgun preference it'd be over-and-under, no contest.
  2. Dry clutch on my multi is fine, was on the 916 until in heavy traffic or town centres. They get hot! ChrisW is correct, creating a small air gap will aid cooling but effect is minimal.
    Not a great lover of open clutches goes against the Engineer in my brain, come across newly laid tarmac and even small amounts of gravel are not welcome. I have a carbon full cover on the multi and on the 916 in the day, noisier than metal covers but look good. Somewhere in the garage I have a new R&G race protective replacement always meant to get it set up and router out cooling slots for Summer in South of France. No gravel on my local roads there, used for parts of the Tour de France, swept regular.
    Whatever you do keep all original parts, long term standard sells.
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  3. I bought Oberon clutch plate and cover...quality
    I bought Oberon gear for my 749..quality gear...

  4. I have an set for sale carbon cover with pressure plate. can post pictures tonight.
  5. I think you'll find it will be noisier with an open cover, sounds like you already have a billet cover which is the way to go, in a spill the standard and carbon covers will damage the clutch drum posts and springs, billet can take the impact which I've witnessed both first hand.

    Other thing to mention is you will get clutch dust on the r/h side of the bike, rearsets, frame, boots etc once you take the cover off, not much but you will. Likewise if you clean your bike with a hose, you will end up seeing rusty plates and there will be some water retained in the housing if not drained/left to dry out between rides which will mean more brown water being flung up onto your bike and clutch pressure plate/cover.
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  6. Original alu cover, small saucer, permanent marker, saw, 2 cheap rattle cans, a sheet of 800 grit and some red nail polish. total cost: around 4 pounds and less than 90 work minutes total.
    Not willing to spend an extra 100 quid for looks on a 1700 bike. Screenshot 2021-09-14 at 16.34.31.png Screenshot 2021-09-14 at 16.34.18.png
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  7. That’s the sort of solution I like. It works, cheap and does the job.
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  8. Thanks, mrfurry, but I've got a cover.
  9. Thanks Battleshipgrey. I've bookmarked the relevant Oberon pages.
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  10. The bike I'm on in my avatar is a 1955 Triumph Trophy TR5 - in Shell Blue. It belonged to a friend. A year or two after that was taken, he had it repainted - in Battleship Grey!

    It looked really good. More bikes should be finished in Battleship Grey.
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  11. Dug out my R&G dry clutch cover. In for sale section. Must stop hoarding things I don’t need or use!
  12. The dry clutch rattle on my 748/853 is as loud as the Termis at tickover...it sounds like a bag of spanners (in a good way!)
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  13. Love the sound but I get a bit tired of being asked is that normal?
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  14. I bought and fitted a magnesium vented clutch casing on mine many years ago. Makes it even louder!

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  15. Interesting. Now, I don't know the physics of it - and certainly not where the rapidly spinning, heavy, composite component within is concerned, but my original thought was than the fully enclosed version would act like a drum, amplifying the sound; whereas the only way it could possibly be quieter, would be if it's sound absorbing.

    However, with that clutch in the reflection equation I think we're already in the position of needing sophisticated software to predict what happens next. Or we I can take the word of riders with experience!

    I have tried mine - basically an aluminium lattice - and couldn't really tell a difference. But... I took the fairing off, obviously. And I rode without the fairing for a couple of days. I put the original cover back on before I put the fairing back on (the rubber gasket having split - because, imo, the open cover needed longer bolts. I'm awaiting new bolts).

    What I noticed, without the fairing, was the engine was louder - like the fairing dampens it/redirects it. And I don't mean louder unpleasant noises, like dry clutch rattle, but that it sounded more like a Ducati; like a large capacity 4-stroke twin.

    So whatever effect that had (on my perception) is unclear. I thought, on the whole, it sounded better, but looked worse, unfaired. Anyway, I'll post my conclusions when I finally use it with the fairing - and I'm perhaps going to have to get anodized stuff before then.
  16. I wouldn't over think it to much..
    as there is no oil to carry particulate created during wear, to the filter, then if you don't create a passage of air the clutch will become grabby, on the take up of drive.
    the open cover just gives some turbulence to allow the dust to escape and reduction of temp.

    noise is relative to your position from the source and reflection and absorption of the environment of the source, i.e. fairing, cover etc.
    I always wanted the set up from Shaun.... very nice :)
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  17. The consensus is it's louder, and having owned several dry clutch models I can confirm it is (as I did earlier). I think you are overthinking it, fairing on, fairing off the airflow will be different, you will hear more of the engine, induction noise.

    The 749/999 also had sound deadening material on the inside of the fairings for the then EU regs so that will also play a part.

    If you want that race look/sound go with an open cover, you can also send your r/h case off to get machined if you want to go the whole hog, I know JHP used to offer this service.
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  18. Open clutch is noisier to our ears. Same amount of noise being made, just removing a baffle. Carbon full cover sounds different than metal cover or polypropylene cover. Forget the science. Do you like your choice?
  19. The 48 toothed rattle less. I always ran mine with oem cover. I never had overheating problems. I dont like carbon covers as I want sturdy protection in a spill. I personally dislike the clutch rattle. But you do need to give the clutch a good clean every month or so.
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  20. I suppose you'd clean it with brake cleaner? Well at least it won't require taking the mirrors off.
    Yeah, agree totally re carbon covers. I wouldn't even consider it if I couldn't get billet aluminium (or stronger).
    As for the rattle, maybe I'll get used to it. It does bother me; but it's a niggling little thing that doesn't matter at all once on the move. I think I prefer the look of the ventilated cover, because it looks that little bit more like a racer; and the more it looks like a racer, the more forgivable the rattle is.
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