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Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Rob, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Picked this beauty up today!

    2005 RC51 with 11k miles.

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  2. 23 year old Honor Blackman prior to her
    'Pussy Galore' days in 1949 on a Norton.

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  3. I have Harleys so i won't bother lol
  4. kaffeemaschine-moto-guzzi-625x417.jpg
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  5. In my local dealer the other day. Very priddy. :heart_eyes:

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  6. Test rode one a while back, very usable and flexible engine, it also has a fuel tap which I found out about half a mile up the road!
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  7. 205FE3F6-AF30-4F10-AE6B-D93EDD1F56B0.jpeg
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  8. This is a great picture
    Same bike, same back yard, same family just 69 years later.... bike in slightly better condition now!!!
    F9F96FCF-8795-400D-BF34-1E95606D8323.jpeg 03FA8D00-1C1D-451E-8954-6F5282F311C7.jpeg
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  9. That’s a great pair of photos, somehow given the leisurely performance of such machines it’s a surprise to see one crashed, on second thoughts given the braking performance maybe not so much of a surprise, looks fantastic now!
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  10. 01E5A38E-FF8A-47EE-90A6-4DCB5BBC6E7B.jpeg 9F4A8FA1-F65A-4860-8A52-C76D81D948AD.jpeg I was building a CR750 replica but got bored and put on the road as a sort of Hailwood Honda thingy, one day I’ll get around to doing the 4 into 4 and CR paint job....one day :)
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  11. The world’s largest single-cylinder two-wheeler.
    Piston over 7 lbs. Might need some help kickstarting this toy.

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  12. Not a V twin but you have to admire the quality of the finish

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  13. Who’s bike is this, answers on a postcard, a very small postcard

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  14. Newman-bike_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqqOQEl8bunABmzZqOwa70eShXRoi4lZxIceWOowvR-So.jpg
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  15. An english despatch rider on a Triumph 1914 Model H Roadster
    at Nesle, France
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  16. All time greats

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  17. Stoner.png
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  18. mv-agusta-750s-america-SURFACE-2000x1330.jpg
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  19. Perth street bikes.jpg
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