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Other Bike Photo Gallery

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Rob, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Some bikes seen at the TALMAG Trial today.
    A 1925 Indian Scout:


    1951 350 Panther (not a sloper):


    1962 350 Tri-Greeves:

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  2. I've never seen one before and what a honey.:upyeah:
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  3. Cant wait for the warm weather, itching to get out on this

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  4. definitely going to recommission the Bantam this year, she's been resting in the garage for too long, so now i have a van - i can take her to suitable locations to ride.. IMG_3810.JPG
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  5. 118E1075-E48C-4004-A7B1-9632EC2B449D.jpeg
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  6. I think it’s a Fahron. The bike was for sale on a two stroke forum a couple of years ago before they went crazy and I should have bought it. Having said that specials are an acquired taste and you can pay too much for them.
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  8. 12D2AA84-425C-40FC-AC5F-6245D12EFADA.jpeg
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  9. IMG-20190705-WA0000.jpeg 20190502_071001.jpg The new toy, and the... erm... work in progress....
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  10. What's your thoughts on the R1? i'm tempted to get another sports bike and am split between this and a similar era blade.
  11. I really like the R1, TBH. The cross-plane crank does seem to make a difference. It's not quite a big twin, but definitely different to a normal inline 4. So, maybe a triple?
    I had the 2000 R1 before the 1198, so i vaguely recall the difference!
    Only issue I have at the moment is getting used to the riding position - the tank is quite a bit wider making it difficult to lock in properly. Need to get some more tank grip pads!
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  12. Just found a picture of me old 954:punch:Oooosh image.jpg
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  13. My old sexy YZF,back in 00/01,,
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  14. Is that your bug identifier after a good long blast?
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  15. What a very sharp & witty mind you've there sir.:upyeah:
  16. My old smoker
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  17. Vj22 ? Bet you wish you had kept that now.
    Puddy :)
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