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Featured Out On The 900

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Mark9, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Not been out on the 900 for weeks due to the shitty roads etc, I always forget how nice it is to ride, also how nice it is to sit at an indicated 80 on a fully faired bike, I’ve been mainly using the 900 monster and although 80 is what I tend to do the arms do get a bit of a tug!, it backfired a bit for the first couple of miles but has now cleared, I guess it was today’s rubbish fuel causing a bit of a blockage in the primary jet due to not having used it. 0B54D3A5-B01D-4C74-8555-16966F751D0B.jpeg
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  2. White frame, wheels :upyeah:
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  3. White light, white heat!

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  4. Ha, cheers, seems my fuel probs are not over, thought I’d better fire the Honda up, turned fuel on, went to make a cup of tea, came back and there was fuel pouring out of 3 of the overflows!, you can see the damp patch under the fairing, filters off, squirt of carb cleaner through the balance pipes Tapped the carb bodies with a hammer shaft and no more leaks, fired up first press as well, good old Honda:)
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  5. love my Ducs, but Honda has had some shining examples over the years. A 5th gen (gear driven cams) 21 year old VFR800 in my stable also recently added a '19 CBR650R. Both capable and reliable, utmost respect for Honda.


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  6. Yes, great company Honda, if you compare my 900ss to the Fireblade (was the first Fireblade 92, if so it was certainly at least an advanced prototype when my 900ss was registered) then really there is no comparison, the Honda being the better machine in every measure (other than soul of course).
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  7. You're perhaps right, but my modded 900SS gives me more smiles per mile than a VFR ever would. A 'blade may be more capable in nearly every way, but doesn't have a soul. Japanese bikes just don't move me like an Italian. Lovely bikes though
  8. Not belittling Ducs at all....900SS and Honda's compliment one another in the stable, nice having differing riding alternatives. Pic my '95, bought brand new, now 36,000 miles, relatively trouble free, super fun and draws thumbs up, gawkers and geekers wherever I go. finalduc2016-1.JPG
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  9. If I had an endless supply of cash and space, I'd have some Japanese too, but 5 Ducatis keep me very busy :)
  10. southaug2.JPG
    here the '95 900SP carbed and an '07 SS800 F.I. .....and the 2 Hondas both FI
    All actually rock reliable. The VFR gets the key for longer highway work. Tough decision which one gets the key on more twisty, fun roads though. The new light, little 650 is truly a blast in twisties.
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  11. 5 Ducati? Wow, whatcha got there?
  12. 2002 SS900 Senna, 1993 900SS (modded) 2007 1100S Multi, 1995 900SS project build and a Cagiva 650 Elefant in bits (but Ducati engine, lol)
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  13. Certainly enough to stay occupied....I admire your energy and focus!
    Is the Multi difficult, in regards to service?
  14. Robspeed in Grimsby? :)
  15. I think technically I’m beating you DQ, only 4 but all on the road, 91 900ss, 96 M900, 16 Scrambler, 16 M1200 :)
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  16. It's a bit different, but the same family of engines. I've had to buy a couple of tools and the shims are different so my MBP collets for the 900s cannot be used. Gotta hook up a laptop for the ECU too. But I try to do as much as I can myself. The tank is a pita as it's massive, you effectively sit on it and it has to be removed for servicing the shims etc. Ive done a load of jobs over Christmas, so I'm far more familiar with it now. Only bought it last year

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