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Overused Words

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Evostu, May 22, 2020.

  1. NOW she's hot. ...
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  2. The drawerbridge is up at the minute,appointment only son.:):upyeah:
  3. Oh cool, you're a gay hooker, things we learn eh ??
  4. Quick, before that blue pill wears off.
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  5. ...and still has a bush by the looks of things.:eyes:
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  6. Corrected for you :):upyeah:
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  7. Feck me i been called some names in my time,but never that.:punch:;)
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  8. That's how I stored it in the bank.
  9. Ever played the gentleman's game?
  10. What about a fit bird hooker then ?? Just testing the water, see what I am travelling to here ??
    Put the kettle on luvver, on my way !!
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  11. I'm sure the two suggestions so far where not on my list of three pictured.
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  12. Good on ya lads, an entertaining and informative read.
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  13. "So", used at the start of an answer, as if to say "your trivial question is just fluff to my superior thought processs. In fact, I'm gonna pretend you didn't even ask it". My mid-50s boss now does it all the fucking time, along with the endless teenage rising intonation. I want to, like, hit him with a fucking mallet most days. I've got a female mate who actually, like, types out "like" in her messages.
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  14. Yep, totally agree with you like...
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  15. Solidarity :rolleyes:

    Wildly over used by all politicians, celebrities and virtue signallers alike.

    I remember when you could show empathy and sympathy by constructing a proper sentence, by actually giving more of a shit and genuinely thinking about what to say, and at times when words don't fit say nothing at all.

    Just throwing out the easy 'we/I stand in solidarity' remark is unfortunately,in a lot of cases (not all), virtue signalling bile
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  16. It's all Bob's fault.
  17. indie instead of independence
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  18. I was watching Geno, Fred and Gordon in the USA, and they travelled to san Francisco at every opportunity Ramsey called the place san Fran, so fcuking annoying .
    Conference call
    Tickety boo
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