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For Sale Panigale 1199 64 Plate

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by repoman, May 4, 2019.

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  1. For sale, my 1199 Panigale, Mature owner, never tracked or used in the wet,unless of course I'm already out on it and need to get home.
    After using it to tour Normandy last year I've realised the riding position is just not for me and I need something with a bit more comfort, it's a cracking bike and I'll be sorry to see her go.
    I'm the second owner and I've owned the bike since August 2015, it was first registered in December 2014 (64 plate), the bike is in excellent condition.

    Service details as follows,
    • March 2015 742 miles Ducati Aylsbury
    • March 2016 3123 miles JHP Coventry
    • March 2017 3699 miles JHP Coventry
    • March 2018 3856 miles JHP Coventry
    • April 2019 5256 miles JHP Coventry
    Bike currently has 5259 miles on it and is MOT'd until March 2020, so is freshly serviced and MOT'd ready to use.
    I fitted a pair of M7RR tyres after the Normandy tour, these are barely used.
    Chain and sprockets are in excellent condition.
    Bike has R and G tail tidy fitted along with Genuine Carbon fibre Ducati performance front mudguard, Carbon fibre heal guards, Tinted screen and pro grips.

    I'm looking for £10,150 ONO,

    Please PM me if you would like any more information or photo's.










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  2. Nice bike
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  3. What y gonna get??
  4. Test rode one of these and loved it, still going to stay on board, still love the Ducati's, I'll be interested to see what they do with the V4 motor in other models

  5. Ive got an old RSV4 - had it for about 8 years or so. Still love it, fixed one of the injectors this morning and went out for a blast with my new TTX2 on the rear....amazing...aparently the new ones are out of this world....
  6. Yeh, I do like the RSV4's but then I'm down the sport bike riding position again, the Tuono I found gave me the best of both worlds, still got that Italian flare as well
  7. Good looking bike ride that, and a very nice example... Good luck with the sale fella.
  8. Thanks Dave, I'm sure whoever buys will not be disappointed.
  9. I’ve just sold my Tuono the same as that, cracking bike
  10. Yeh, I saw it when you advertised it, you had it up for sale at a very good price, it was a bargain for someone.

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  11. Sold, moderators could you please close the thread

  12. Thread closed
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