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For Sale Panigale 1299 Track/road Bike (dec 2016 Reg)

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by enly1, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. FYI for anyone looking, Bike being returned to full standard spec, so will be available as a standard road bike shortly and race parts sold as individual items.

    NOW @ £11,999

    Hi All,

    After a 10+ year stretch of track days, the buzz has worn off, family commitments means less time for track, so time has to hang up my boots and sell up. So today I’m putting up my 2016/7 Ducati Panigale 1299 for sale while its lovely and sunny outside for someone else to enjoy.

    Note: For those sharp eyed folk out there, its not a 959, they are just my 959 OEM track fairings ;-)
    Just realised that at 100% zoom, the second picture looks like its gravel rashed - its not - They are perfect - its the reflection from the brick-weave showing up ... All panels are as new.

    The bike is fairly standard as I’m not into spending loads on things that just don’t matter, so just the important parts have been sorted for the track as can be seen from the pictures. This means you’re either good to go, or have a good base on which to drop the carbon bling.

    More pictures can be found in the following album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3HweJdKK9S4tqp7V6 with additional pictures available on request.

    Apart from the track fairings ( 959 Genuine OEM + DP Track Fairing Parts ), it has a Mupo AB1 Evo Factory rear shock, Bonamici folding rearsets, DP Race seat, Engine Covers, Evo radiator guard and R&G Aero crash protection fitted.

    The bike was first registered Dec 2016 and PDI completed in May 2017. It has 3977 miles on it and has covered no more than ~600 miles with the track parts fitted; The rearsets and rear shock have only been on for 2 euro events. MOT not due until December 2019 (should you wish to daylight register it etc.)

    For those that like lists - Extras include:

    * Mupo AB1 Evo Factory rear shock ( http://www.mupo.it/product/2/0/251/ab1-evo-factory – RRP 1200 euros + vat )
    * Bonamici Rear Sets ( Folding Footpegs ) (https://www.speedycom.co.uk/shop/product.php?productid=17613 RRP £538)
    * Original 1299 Fairings, Lights and other original parts I have are included in the sale.
    * 959 OEM Fairings Upper and Tail (959 sticker can be removed with hair dryer if preferred) £500
    * DP Track Fairing Lowers ( Other parts included in sale* )
    * DP Headlight and Taillight blanks ( £550 for DP fairing set, light blanks etc )
    * DP Race Seat ( RRP ~£180 )
    * R&G Aero Crash protection ( RRP £256 )
    * Engine Protection R&G + GB Racing Covers ( RRP ~£130 )
    * Evo Radiator Guards ( RRP ~£100 )
    * R&G Carbon Shock Protector
    * R&G Lock stop protectors.
    * 2x Renthal Clip On Tubes
    * GPFAX Race Pads Fitted with original road Brembo pads unworn included


    Asking £11,999 for quick sale as its been sitting in the garage since last year and it stops me getting tempted back to the track. (Out if sight, out of mind and all that.)

    Location: Warrington, Cheshire

    Ownership History:

    I bought the Panigale in Nov 2017 from SBS in an attempt to rekindle my love for the track, but unfortunately the change from the blade didn't work. The bike is a beast and the electronics are amazing, so I know that its not just a new bike that's needed for me to want to keep doing track days.

    I’ve only covered around 600 miles in total since I’ve had it. I used it for 3 euro events plus a little road use before the track fairings went on.

    The bike sustained some minor cosmetic damage during the second euro event I attended as I lowsided due to cold tyres (rookie…). I personally wouldn’t have worried about some of the scratched plastics, but as I don’t like selling anything less than perfect, I’ve replaced any marked plastic and bar parts, so the bike is almost back to factory fresh as you can see from the pictures. More than happy to explain what has been replaced etc. Just ask. Also, If you want the DP plastics that were taken off, happy to include at the asking price.

    Note that the bike had DP track fairings on at the time and not the 959 or 1299 originals they are both factory fresh. Damage was very minor, so you could just paint the DP ones and sell the 959 if so desired.

    Additional Items Available:

    As I’m selling up, I’ve amassed lots of track related stuff over the years, so if there is anything you’re specifically needing, just ask – you never know.

    Additional items that are likely to be of interest are listed below and can be included at extra cost if someone is looking for more of a package or just wants some extra bits:

    * Capit Warmers (used 5 times)
    * Unopened GPFAX race pads
    * Single Sided Swingarm Stand
    * Impact Driver ( Rear Wheel torque spec is massive )
    * Norbar NorTorque 130105 Torque Wrench Model 300 Dual Scale Push Through Ratchet
    * Rear Wheel Nut Tool - 1/2” Socket
    * Motul 300V 10w50 oil – 7-8 Litres
    * Bar Tube Drill Jig for drilling clip ons accurately

    Please don't ask about the additional items on this thread - PM me if you want anything and i'll sort out separately. Whoever buys the bike gets first refusal on the other items.

    Any further questions, just PM me.
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  2. Location?
  3. Knew I had missed something important...
    Warrington, Cheshire
  4. I know that the sun has gone in recently, but back to top - sure people are still interested in a lovely 1299.
  5. Does nobody have any interest in this lovely bike - seems like time to take over to ebay ...
  6. Those Mupo shocks are awesome, I have one on my race bike.
  7. Do you have the parts to get it back to standard as far as road spec?
  8. Yes - all original bits included ...

    Original 1299 fairings, nose cone, lights etc included.
    959 uppers, nose and rear as shown in photos included.
    And if the price is decent, the rest of the DP track fairings (nose cone, uppers, rear etc).

    So you have 1 full original, 1 959 red set for the track ( DP unpainted bottom ) and/or full DP set ready for painting anf 959 up for sale to recoup some cash - many options available to you.
  9. That they are ... which is why I bought it - did a decent amount of research first, then bought the top of the range option ( for consumers anyway ).

    Mupo AB1 Factory model.
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  10. Back to top for the last time before I start putting together the ebay advert.

    On a couple of facebook groups as well now before the dreaded ebay.
    Price dropped to see if that helps.
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  11. If I hadn’t bought my monster I’d have had this all day long. Damn! Dream bike. GLWS.
  12. You'd have only fallen off it......................but quicker :p
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  13. Harsh... but fair.

    With the extra fairings it would not have been a problem!
  14. FYI for anyone looking, Returning to full standard spec, so will be available as a standard road bike shortly and race parts sold as individual items.
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