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Panigale Gallery

Discussion in 'Panigale' started by Carlosoul, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Be interesting to know of the lucky people who actually own a desmo, how many get any miles added each year vs how many sit in collections.

    I saw a guy on a V4 SL at Silverstone, stunning bike and good to see it being used but it just looked over the top, too much so think the 1299SL would be my choice too.

    But, both dream options at the moment - hopefully I end up with a V4 SP2 this year as a stop gap till I can move up to the top step of the dream bikes ladder
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  2. V4 SL seems like a love hate when it come to the looks, but the carbon frame is a work of art, I could not believe how light it was, and when they pulled the curtains back on it and you were faced with the front view against the black background it sucked out my bank account! Lucky that the scamdemic happened and I didn’t buy it!
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  3. Pani looks great with those wheels. They really suit the bike.
    I'm not surprised they like the black one! 1199 is a great looking beast, with that paint, there is nothing to detract from those clean lines. The 'Prillers paint is all over the place, tho', haven't liked any of their graphics since 2015. IMHO!
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  4. The purple paint job on the Xtrenta is pretty spec
    the Xtrenta Purple paint job is pretty special, but you got to be next to it in daylight, like the SL it doesn’t transfer to video well.
  5. From UK to Norway with love.

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  6. One of my favourite bikes of all time
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  7. SP.jpg
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  8. I’m not usually a fan of these road side photographers but one managed to find their way into my local, secret fun road (obviously not so secret!) And I liked the pics.

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  9. From the Ducati track day at Donington earlier today...





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  10. It didn’t rain…….:astonished:
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  11. Phone the Vatican!!!! It's a miracle!!!!
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  12. Chris Walker looked to be enjoying the day...

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  13. Hope everyone had fun
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  14. 7.jpg
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  15. Nice day for it!

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