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For Sale Panigale Gopro Bracket

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by JoePeps, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. So I've started making a few bits for the bike and thought I'd offer them out on here to anyone interested.
    More function over form but nice and cheap and do the job nicely.

    GoPro / Camera Mount

    Made from 1.2mm ali and pressed to clear the top yoke these sit perfectly and allow a camera to be mounted directly with a sticky pad. Use the existing fixings for the key surround so fits on and off in seconds.

    I've put some photos below showing the bracket, fitted, camera mounted and also the view it gives from my camera, great viewing for trackdays as you can see all the info on the dash and out the front. Worth pointing out all the trackdays I go on they do state no cameras allowed on the tank, these sit just in front so no complaints from marshalls...

    I'm happy to make these for any bike but will need some dimensions given as I only have the V4 to trial on...!

    Prices as follows:
    - £8.50 posted for natural finish
    - £13.50 posted for powdercoated black

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  2. Nice. Andy
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  3. That looks great. Wish you’d posted a couple of days ago, as I’ve just shelled out over £60 for a RAM mount that attaches to the top yoke nut, along with a couple of other bits that will allow me to attach my GoPro. Your solution looks much simpler!
  4. Sorry mate! Been planning them for a while but only just got round to it this week.
    I’d sell the RAM mount on and buy one of mine.... :D
  5. good work on them. ill take one if you are doing a batch powder coated. had been looking at the carbon ones but hard to justify the price.
  6. Are you wanting one powder coated black mate?
  7. if its worth your while buddy and a few are wanting one. if not ill just take one bare.
  8. Ill take one powder coated black or would you consider anodizing them if you get enough interest? Might take one bare and one coated (or anodized)
  9. Upto you mate, will probably take me a week to get it powder coated and probably cost an extra fiver.

    As above mate for powder. I could get one anodized for you but to be honest my bloke who does it isn't the best so I've never really been happy with the quality.

    I've got 3 made up still so let me know.
  10. ill take one powdered black then
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  11. I will take one powdered black and one plain please.
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  12. Just messaged you both :)
  13. payment sent
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  14. Payment sent.
  15. received mine today joe. top work didnt realise youd have it done so fast! will get some pics up when i get the gopro stuff put on.
    just so you know, this fits all pani's not just the v4
  16. Nice one thanks mate :)
  17. Really tidy... Better than my bastard filed effort...:confused:
  18. I’ll take a black powder coated one. Fire me the payment details
  19. You should treat yourself to one as an early Christmas present.

    Will do mate.
  20. Wonder if you could make something that could utilise both the GoPro mount and the aim solo?????
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