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1299 Panigale R Engine Light

Discussion in 'Panigale' started by aviating cud, Sep 21, 2023.

  1. Went to start the bike today to take it to have the fairings and tank polished and the engine warning popped up and the engine management light. It’s going down to Ducati Stoke next week so hopefully they’ll be able to sort it. Probably need my own fault reader for this bike. Third fault in two months!
  2. I had an issue with my flapper valve but someone had wired it open
  3. Hopefully it won’t be anything serious. It came with a flexible 3 month warranty.
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  4. Big shout out to Ducati Stoke today. Took the Panigale to them to have the engine light checked out. The bike was instantly taken in and they confirmed the vertical cylinder lambda probe is knackered. They also confirmed that my auto-blipper is knackered too after telling them that down shifts had to be done using the clutch. Great service as usual.
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  5. I binned my QS for an HM SABS and its like velvet.
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  6. Morning all, are there any known issues with the 2015 R i need to look out for?

    Water pump seems a common problem.

    i assume everything is bullet proof nowadays, unfortunately probably wrong :-(
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  7. Never had so much as a hiccup out of mine. Make sure the crankcase breather recall has been carried out if buying though. If not, get it done (it us free at any Ducati dealer) before signing.
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  8. +1 for the breather recall.

    Plus fit the throttle mod if it's not been fitted
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  9. I only found out about that through this forum, and did it myself when I replaced the water pump. Mind, I’d have jibbed at passing it off to my local dealer to do anyway, and am happy that at least I know it was done properly.
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  10. Done properly no doubt but will still show as an outstanding recall if anyone ever checks.
    I had a recall on my s1000rr in autumn. It was to replace the E clips holding the rider footrest pins in. Literally a one minute job. I got the dealer to do it to ensure all recall work was properly recorded. It was a pain but the dealership is only 2 minutes from my daughters so no real hassle. I appreciate you have a long way to your nearest dealer of course. :bucktooth:
  11. My local one is only 30 minutes away but I’ll not use them again following years of unsatisfactory dealings. There may be a new dealership starting in Sunderland Summer ‘24.
    Thanks for the info. I’ll check on Ducati recalls.
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  12. Strangely, Ducati record no recall required on my VIN.
  13. Mine was a 2015 bike if that helps.
  14. Mine too.
  15. Weird.
    Or just Ducati. :laughing:
  16. and mine
  17. You got a recall note Ali?
    I wonder if @ibgarrow bike had the recall done pre his ownership. I can’t remember exactly when it was - 2019??

    EDIT. Mine was done 15 Nov 2019. :)
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  18. No, mine was bare of the mod, I ordered the kit and fitted it myself.
  19. I phoned jhp and asked mate
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