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Panzer Patrol

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by bradders, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Seemed appropriate, GS and lavender :p


    And in all it’s wondrous glory....
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  2. That is one beautiful bike!:innocent:
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  3. Specsavers anyone.............;)
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  4. is the lavender symbolic of the French countryside blitzkrieged back in the day?
  5. Lavender is definitely a euphemism for something, but not the mighty GS.
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  6. E764A47C-7D3E-4A4D-8E96-5DB068B4CDCA.jpeg Another Panzer on patrol....
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  7. Old people. Smell of lavender and piss and ride a GS.
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  8. :grinning:
  9. Last week I'd have put up a pic of the GS and the XR... this week I'd have put up a picture of the XR... tonight... :sob:


    Fortunately the Italians were in cahoots with the Germans, so I hopefully can still play "Axis of evil holiday bikes"? :punch:
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  10. Us RT owners smell of expensive cologne, we piss too but not whilst we sleep like GS owners.
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  11. My brother has a Boxercup replika just approaching 70k miles now....


    I’m aiming my next bike to be an HP2 sport in similar colours, just like Mervyns one
    Hey @mervyn hows yourscoming along-been out on your panzer recently?
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  12. 914FFDD5-9270-4F37-B6F8-FA0F3A0AE187.jpeg 90FAF91B-FAFB-4549-9A8B-145B809AB408.jpeg Here mine. Love it. 49,000 miles, sweet as a nut
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  13. 49k? Wow! Looks more like 4.9k!
  14. 567ED406-FEDF-486E-8EA2-2AED5EAEC3E3.jpeg 09952C0C-8B5A-42B4-AFF6-C481D46F227D.jpeg 13093D80-2EDE-4B90-B134-D4687411A236.jpeg 49C27F4D-62AB-42EB-86B9-8177F2CBAE0F.jpeg
    I know it’s mint. Better condition than GS’s with half the mileage I’ve owned. With the Yoshi it sounds great.
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  15. Love a GSA :heart:
    (With bins)

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  16. My neighbour, slow Dave, is chopping in his XR in a couple of weeks for an even bigger monstrosity, and full on Panzer, the K1600GT SE

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  17. Aren't they panniers?
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  18. upload_2020-6-27_8-26-45.png

    2013 bike, 33,000 miles. Used all year round & has just passed the MOT with no advisories.
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