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Featured Peak District In The Wet

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by Festa, May 24, 2024.

  1. Back from a few days riding the Peak District, day one dry all the way there, day 2 (Wednesday) torrential rain and fog in the hills & Peaks with muddy water cascading down the twisty roads. Took an 848 evo where it probably should never go in that weather and survived although it did try to spit me off multiple times but I managed to stay on board while crapping myself most of the day [​IMG] Cat and fiddle would be awesome in the dry and enjoyed it even in the wet, Snake pass was about as safe in the wet as smothering yourself in dog food and jumping in a pool full of piranhas! Visited the site where the Dam Buster trained in WW2 dropping the bouncing bomb which was awesome plus a few other places. Day 3 mostly dry so not to bad, bike looked like it had been motocross in January but 4 hours cleaning this morning and its sorted. ABS traction control and rain modes would have been handy like the other bikes had. Need to go back in the dry as its an awesome place :)

















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  2. I used the love the cat and fiddle, but they put horrible speed cameras up everywhere. Snake pass is awesome though, been a few years since I've done that... Cornering under snowdrifts, like frozen surfing is a highlight/scary memory...
  3. Most of the roads are 50 mph max now and as you say cameras are watching, seems to be a lot of man hole covers everywhere as well and mostly in the middle of the road lol never seen so many..
  4. Cat and fiddle was brilliant back in the day. Stopped going up after my best mate got killed. Snake pass is too bumpy. The got Valley used to be very good. Between Buxton and Whalley Bridge. Nit as long as the fiddle, but very good
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  5. My favourite place in the uk even in the wet!
    Great pics :upyeah:
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  6. I’m fortunate to be able to call this area home (well, I’m right on the edge of it). Some great roads, scenery and places to visit. Glad you had a good time.

    incidentally, I went to superbike factory in donninton for lunch on Tuesday and saw a red 848 on the car park - was that you?
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  7. Yes was me, we stopped there on our way to the Peaks :)
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  8. Thread moved
  9. As an adopted local to the area, if you can find the correct roads (not the ones with horrible potholes), it truly can be spectacular to ride around here.
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  10. I'm planning on having a run out tomorrow, I've got a feeling it'll be another Peak District in the wet experience! Is anyone else out?
  11. I’m out in Wales, haven’t been to the Peaks in a very long time and that was cycling related. 1996 was the last time I rode anywhere near the Peaks and that was on my Triumph T595 on the Macc to Leek Road.
  12. do you think it taught you anything about riding bike?
  13. I would have done normally, weather dependent, but I'm away on a family holiday in Norfolk for a week. Dodging the rain over this way instead!
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  14. Awesome pictures... I love to see a dirty Ducati Superbike
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  15. To Long Hill I think it’s called
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  16. My XDiavel looked like that after a week of rain in Scotland, cleaning it was extremely satisfying....
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  17. I shall be heading up that way after tea. There really are some spectacular roads if you know where to look.
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  18. I don't.
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