For Sale Perfect 1299s For Sale

Discussion in 'Bikes For Sale' started by royalwithcream, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Is this still for sale? :)
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  2. IMG_4449.JPG
    I have an obese cat who ain't scared of no monkeys, trained or amateur.
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  3. What's the going rate for attack monkeys these days?
  4. Depends on the mileage and how shiny they are.
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  5. Buy 'em a drink each, I guess.
  6. Has anyone seen this?
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  7. Can you claim the VAT back?
  8. The bike are priced between 16-21k depending on mileage/condition...
    I seen one in CE London at Millenium(1 month ago) in a very poor state (guess was an ex demo) for 17.5k with 2000miles on the clock.
    Deep cratches all over pain/engine covers/screen.

    So if this bike is mint is 19k expensive?
    How can one have an "opinion" without seeing the product first?

    On the other hand anything above 15k is difficult to sell risky for seller and buyer.
  9. And back on topic :)
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  10. By all means have an opinion but show the seller some respect and keep it to yourself. You have not seen ththe bike therefore you have no basis whatsoever to say what it's worth. Your opinion is worth feck all.

    And calling out disrespect behaviour is not petulant.
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  11. :zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz:
  12. The seller isn't even on here for gods sake. The OP is a respected member for sure, but it's not his bike. Anyway, questioning the price isn't disrespectful, it's fair game if you're trying to sell anything.
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  13. I think it is cheap! Cheap crappy Chinese parts this bike made off if it is anything like 1199!
  14. Can you please move the posts about attack monkeys to a new thread?

    I'm genuinely intrigued :)
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  15. Power wielded with a sword of solid Victoria sponge....

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  16. Guys, a lot of unnecessary excitement here. It is what it is and there' no need to start killing kittens over it. I'm not in the business of bullshitting over bikes. If I put my 1199S up here (anyone looking as it's going back to finance next month! :) ) I would say it's had a damn good life on track been bullet proof but had a low side and some repairs and a price and pictures to reflect that life. This 1299S is 100% perfect and has been hardly used at all so I'm confident to post it as such for a very good mate who has also been kind enough to give up garage space for nearly six months for sam1199S bike to be stripped down after his horrible accident early in the year. I've got no problem with people posting their opinions, thats what forums are for, but no need to lose the love for each other!
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  17. Shh, royal, someone is trying to sell a bike here.
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  18. There is always one isn't there Lozeraptor :eek: and it's usually one of the creaminess brothers too! o_O
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