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Pesky Teslas

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Firebladeboy, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. And they’re prone to catastrophic failure. Which could be annoying.
  2. Mates EGR thing on his Evoq thing just gone pop; along with a few other leaky bits. Coolant misting in various places. Only a few years old and dealer serviced from new. Seems a common thing on them.
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  3. Mines the 4.4 diesel. There are horror stories about the 3.0 diesel, so I avoided it.
  4. Just got rid of my 15 Diesel Evoque as the Cam Chain was close to going at 90K miles and a big bill beckoned. According to the local LR specialist I did well getting that amount of miles out of it without a problem and probably due to high motorway mileage. He is doing a roaring trade in replacing Cam chains on that era of diesel Evoq's/Disco's particularly if used for nothing else apart from low mileage runs such as school drops and shopping. Its not uncommon for him to change cam belts on diesel LR's vehicles with less than 50k apparently. In his opinion the cause of all this is the ongoing EU Emission Regs which is forcing the manufacturers to drive diesel design beyond whats actually possible. Two year service period is also optimistic. Prior diesel generation are good as are petrol LR's.

    Back on thread, I'm not a fan of Musk either.
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  5. Nissan Juke 1.2 petrol turbo timing chain fekked at 43,000 miles, there are some envelopes being pushed across all manufacturers :(
    Agree on Musk :D
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  6. 1C56352D-9271-46CD-98E9-B9BB07A07B5F.jpeg
    I know it’s not a Tesla, but I spent last night bibbing around in this. What a hoot! I’ve not had as much fun driving a car since my Integrale got pinched. It’s blisteringly fast and turns on a sixpence.
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  7. Just had it flash up on a news feed ( how true i don’t know), someone in the US picked up a brand new model Y and the roof ( glass panels I’m guessing) came of whilst driving on a freeway!
  8. The next major jump in electric vehicle technology may well be if a manufacturer takes on and develops aluminium - ion batteries which could well potentially have better capacity, power and much reduced charging times as well as being light and much less of a fire hazard. Lots of technical info out there for those who understand the technical complexities of these things. Just Google "Aluminium Ion battery".
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  9. This is a great bit of road ,i did this a couple of weeks ago ,lovely clear roads on the top of exmoor once i cleared Linton etc .
  10. Jack was sick and tired of the world; of Covid 19, Brexit, Russian belligerence, global warming, racial tensions, riots, and the rest of the disturbing stories that occupy media headlines.
    Jack drove his car into his garage and then sealed every doorway and window as best he could. He got back into his car and wound down all the windows, selected his favorite radio station and started the car.
    Four days later, a worried neighbor peered through his garage window and saw him in the car. She notified the emergency services and they broke in, pulling Jack from the car. A little sip of water and, surprisingly, he was in perfect condition, but his Tesla had a dead battery...
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