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Petrol Queues.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by yellowducmaniac, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. What is wrong with people?...went for some petrol yesterday evening and visited three different petrol stations all had cars queueing down the road to fill up, gave up and went first thing this morning - the queues weren't too bad.

    It seems the press (read BBC!) only have to mention ''shortage'' and the world goes mad, its irresponsible IMO and just feeds to the moron mentality of a minority which then snowballs.

    There is no shortage of fuel, just the drivers to deliver it...rant over.
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  2. Perhaps the only way for petrol's a 3am alarm call.:thinkingface:
  3. upload_2021-9-25_8-19-48.png
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  4. The media. Strikes again.

    I’ve got three cars on the driveway at the moment. None of which have any juice in them :joy::weary_face:
  5. While everybody else has been out buying fuel I have managed to buy up all the toilet rolls.

    Cunning or what! :p
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  6. Where do you even start? The idiots that can't work out that if the supply is struggling, rushing to buy fuel peaks demand and is actually what WILL cause a crisis or the media for causing it? If they didn't plaster their front pages with it, no one would be panicking. It was 1% of stations and a specific company at that. Shell and others were fine.
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  7. Is anyone else really starting to get the arsehole with humans?

    honestly, from my viewpoint, I tend to think we are going to run ourselves in to extinction. And rightly fucking so.

    The world is full of retards. My generation and below are literally the worst of the worst as well.

    The good news is though is that for people who possess half a brain cell, you are a commodity as nobody wants to employ these shit bags.

    P.S. if the human race really wanted to impress. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all boycotted the media!
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  8. 9DE4E461-CC72-403E-A4B5-7BF59D564DD7.jpeg
    The BBC had this chap reporting on the the fuel queues this morning. Who says your licence fee isn’t spent well!
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  9. I had to fill the van up this morning... 12 pumps with 3 deep queues in each lane. I just sat and grinned at them, shaking my head. The look on their faces when they catch you, and the realisation that they are actually being dickheads is priceless. it was 6am and some of them were still in their pyjamas! The funny thing was, most were only putting 10 or 15 quid in. They'd use that driving to and from the station :)
    They're not so worried about E10 now LOL :p
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  10. I met a senior project manager the other day working out of let’s say the main place for anyone in IT financials to be working out of in London…

    She’s probably 28 or so I’d say. We had a chat. She knew absolutely fuck all about PM work. Hadn’t even heard of ITIL. Didn’t even know what it was.
    Loved buzz words though such as Agile, which when I dug deeper she knew FA about that either.

    There is very little skill in society at the moment. And the ones that often think themselves skilled, actually aren’t.

    the real worry is the lack of people being able to think for themselves with what they’re presented. I see very little in the way of logical analysis or original thought on anything. And common sense is not common.

    it’s mad. Not sure how much longer it can go on like this with business’s hiring wankers that take 6 months to do something that should take 6 days.

    I’m 30 myself. And have virtually no friends my age. My best mate is 45. I cannot stand my generation. Full bore ass hats.
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  11. Thing is, I'm going to look a right bellend later. I've got a trackday tomorrow so when I whip out the jerry can, people will think I'm hoarding :joy:
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  12. Out of the vehicles I have available to me. The two diesels that do 40-60mpg are on zero. The Aston which uses a £5 to get off the drive way has the most fuel

    Rip :weary_face::weary_face:
  13. The hypocrisy coming from a man that's a gas thirsty Aston Martin in the garage.;)
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  14. Fucking right.

    I’m no Tesla owning Manlet
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  15. All this because a few stations were having issues down south

    This country could do with a cull the stupidity and hysteria at every turn is tiring
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  16. I find it extremely frightening how such a large percentage of our population is completely controlled and dominated by the media. And these retards breed.
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  17. They also vote :(
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  18. Show off.:D
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  19. It’s because they’re incapable of thinking for themselves in my opinion.

    They’ve been bred to read textbooks that tell you what to do. And more often than not, brought up by parents that don’t have a brain cell to rub together
  20. Personally I think the media has missed a trick. Surely one of them realises that interviewing idiots in pyjamas, buying £10 worth of petrol at 6.00am could be comedy gold?
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