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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Pixie1276, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. E15CAB86-5DC5-441D-967D-9FEFA85E690B.jpeg Pie day
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  2. Our two enjoying the last of my ice cream

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  3. Yea - softest dog ever !
  4. Met a pooch called Eric the other day.
    Apparently a cross between a Weimaraner and a greyhound.
    He was magnificent - reminiscent of a racehorse...
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  5. Meet Henry, 67Kg of soppy, slobbery, smelly, Dogue de Bordeaux.
    And his facial expressions.
    Who also does yoga.
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  6. C3DBF4A6-FDED-44FD-8458-72CA5DB8FFBB.jpeg See there is room for two of us
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  7. 79A8B933-B87E-4B9E-B290-62050812D588.jpeg

    Greyhound tucked up with the mutt

    Deffo one of those days
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  8. A Maine Coon seeing a fox off..... poor fox.
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  9. That’s one mean looking cat. Andy
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  10. One of our dogs was limping last night, wife got to the vet this morning, painkiller injection, now I think she is away with the fairies. Dog seems fine though Resized_20180907_124655_701.jpg
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  11. upload_2018-9-7_13-43-37.jpeg

    Year old now.
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  12. 20180708_161720.jpg
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  13. Picked up a Maine Coon once.
    They are enormous - seriously heavy too...
  14. F04BA9F9-B2ED-4704-94AA-BC3C9F19F6E4.jpeg Who says Dogs can’t read? Henry fished this bag out of the utility room in preference to all the soft towels & bedsheets, waiting to be washed, he could have chosen to lie on. Have to admit he hadn’t been fed yet. I think he’s giving me a message.
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  15. 13 weeks old and stopping for a little lunch!!!! IMG_4271.jpg
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  16. Met up with 3 of Gwen's 5 pups today. 22 weeks old now. They've grown a bit !!! .....

    2nd reunion Oct '18.jpg
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  17. This sturdy cardboard box managed to make it right through the Amazon postal system with a heavy set of glass bathroom scales..
    without incident ....:grinning:
    Then it met a 2 stone Maine Coon.:rolleyes:
    The only reason the ends are still up is that they have polystyrene foam inserts in:laughing:

    Well at least she can read and stayed off the other parcel.

  18. Remi enjoying Scotland in October






    20181028_153610 - Copy.jpg
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