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  1. Yeah. Really really well thanks. 1 beautiful little girl (#7 born) didn't make it alive into the world :pensive:.... and then #8 took over an hour to get going properly, but she's absolutely fine now (2 weeks old). They've all opened their eyes over the last couple of days and are now getting up onto wobbly 4 legs. Another week and the fun will start !! Merry Christmas :upyeah:
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  2. Only a Photoshop collage of them, but as you can see, they're doing well at 4 weeks old...L-R Fly, Frosty, Pudding, Jingle, Twinkle, Cracker & Star IMG_1633.JPG
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  3. Good grief, what are we doing :joy: IMG_20190112_181515.jpg
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  4. Arrived home from work last week to a pleasant surprise. 8 weeks old and full of beans. Starting to settle in nicely. Screenshot_20190112-182738.jpg
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  5. Well, how's it all going now :upyeah:
  6. Wee character :)
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  7. Brilliant thanks :upyeah: All starting to show some individual personality. All on solid food. Drinking from a bowl. Hooning around....before flopping out sparko. All sold. We're keeping one, but can't quite decide between 2 (girls) :confused: Wish we could keep them all. Fabulous litter, but then they should be with this pedigree .... Pedigree(2).jpg
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  8. Brilliant stuff, sorry I need to plead ignorance regarding the pedigree lines but I'm sure they are getting excellet pups. The pedigree must be known throughout the breeders?
  9. Basically, the more names in 'red' the better. It means they're a 'Show Champion' (in this case, an assortment of UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Netherlands and Estonia). And.. to put some 'value' to SH CH ..there was only 1 Border Collie in UK 'made up' to SH CH in 2018. That means they don't exactly give that title out easily.

    That said, our dogs are pets/companions 1st and formost. Showing is just an additional bit of fun. It's not important to us. All these puppies are going to loving families as pets/companions and I very much doubt if any (other than our 'Keeper') will see a show ring in their lives.
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  10. Thanks for explaining that. There's a lot of red lol
    Yeh some breeding has been critized etc, usually comes up once a year when you know the big competition is on TV.
    Anyway, enjoy trying to pick one to keep lol :upyeah:
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  11. F8FC53A6-6E45-433B-9E7B-3825DD206B45.jpeg
    Talulah, our chocolate point Siamese
    And her brother....
    Valentino, Havana oriental and just bloody gorgeous!
    Recently joined by...
    Cara, caramel tabby Siamese and I swear is a chimp wearing a cat suit. We also have a lilac Siamese but he doesn’t like me much and won’t sit for a photo
    And we have these two loons as well, Ella on the left, henry on the right
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  12. Ronnie and Lexi with Granddaughter - having a cwtch...

    Ron.png ron 2.jpg
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  13. We'll be at that 'Big competition' again this year with 2 of ours and a puppy (owned now by a friend) from our Gwen's May litter. Just waiting for the uninformed to start banging on (again) about how wicked I am supporting it :imp: My 'Show dogs' are very badly treated and regarded as pieces of meat used entirely for my own cruel gratification (apparently). Here they are (being mis-treated) while we were enjoying a holiday in our caravan.....
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  14. Finally took our younger Drahthaar "Tina" in to have a split toenail clipped off yesterday. The frozen ground, crusty snow and ice has been hard on their claws. Hunting dogs will not be stopped though.
    Warning, images may be too graphic for some.
    Two hours after vet visit, a little groggy...
    After(today), tender but getting around just fine...
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  15. A45933FD-90A1-4B5D-8BA1-6353709B3FB6.jpeg
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  16. Passed 3 years ago, xmas day at other halfs parents :)
    2011-12-26 00.51.52.jpg
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  17. So....having kept one of our Beth's December litter, we now have #4 ........'Fly' is the easiest puppy I've ever known. At (now) 11 weeks old she responds instantly to her name, recall is spectacular, walks beautifully on lead, sleeps all night and she's well on the way to being clean in the house. Just wondering when the bubble will burst o_O

    IMG_1736.JPG Fly with mum Beth Beth & Fly.jpg
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  18. 9 months, 37 kg and still don’t know my name. What’s recall??? Yet to meet Someone who’ll make me do it anyway!!!

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  19. Wonderful dogs! Ours is six and half years old, she's like a cat in dog's pyjamas. Sorry to tell you, but it took about 18 months to get that recall working fully! He looks a beauty
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  20. He’s still a pup so not overly concerned. It’s a working progress!!!
    Brilliant dog though, really happy with him. Now tomorrow is a different day!!!
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