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Pets Corner

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Pixie1276, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. EC96E279-1AD8-46A4-B910-6CC41C10A353.jpeg Freshly dug veg patch, perfect for a dog born on a chicken farm.
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  2. Just found out that the father of our boy Rufus is going to be a dad again with a Labrador bitch and we have been offered a pup. They will be Cockadors and due in April so the family are ganging up on me to get one. I’m trying to resist but ........

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  3. Do it mate. Two are double fun. :upyeah:
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  4. Gorgeous looking dog
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  5. We have a twelve year old Lab as well who’s eyesight is failing and I’m just a bit concerned that a new pup might cause him some distress so going to try and work out a way round it.

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  6. D50D051C-5F3A-40C7-927A-413ED607D0F9.jpeg

    “Would you mind braking for roundabouts a bit earlier so I don’t end up in the front with you like last time???”


    Iggy out for his first ever walk with my son yesterday.


    And today, an ebike ride. Another first for Mr Igster


    It’s all been a bit much for him......:heart:
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  7. It's hard work being 14...

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  8. Not sure if these belong in pets corner or today I’ve been making curry

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  9. Now..there's no 100% rule, but...very often, bringing a youngster into the house really lifts an older dog. And I agree with ExJ :upyeah:........ 2 is easier than 1 (when you aggregate the plus' and minus').
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  10. SWMBO hasn't been to Yoga for 3 weeks due to CV19 so she's started doing it at home, although Henry's not having any of it:D

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  11. Who else vacuums their dogs:)

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  12. What a character :joy:
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  13. He loves it and it saves brushing him
  14. You are using the wrong vacuum - you need a Henry Hoover..
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  15. LOL. I never thought of that, we actually have one too, have to use that next time:)
  16. Our Greys.... Rosie and Leonard

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  17. Our land shark Reeba taking a break

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  18. Some are enjoying lock down

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  19. Oskar's had his "red blanket" since he was a puppy, if it's a chilli night i put it over him when i go to bed and he stays put all night - otherwise he's got a habit of standing at the bedroom door and giving a gentle "Oooff", which if ignored gets progressively louder and louder.... it's like - i'm barking - are you awake?. We cant bring ourselves to get rid of it.... it'll fall apart one day

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