1299 Pierobon Panigale Stripped Naked.

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    I can’t see how much is how much but I’m in a business where some clients will pay up to 4000€ For a sqm of fancy stone so it’s all relative!
  2. Yeah. They used to publish their price lists.
    When most parts were added up for the full kit, excluding engine, wheels, forks, electrics,shock, brakes, paint and exhaust etc it was just under 30K iirc
  3. posted this before, but not many liked it. I do.

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  4. not related to Boylefamily are you?

  5. I don’t know what that means?
  6. a company that has perfected selling similar slabs (I think the size varies) that are lifted/replicated from pavement/ground from throughout the world and then sold for vast amounts.
  7. Ah, I see. Lost in translation (I’m French). The stuff we supply is quarried from all over the world and fitted in various alpine homes of people with too much money. The slab in the photo has a fossilised worm boring through it as you can no doubt see!
  8. Still do, though some items are only available via enquiry.

  9. Sometimes wonder as a Track Bike, if this is better value/ worth it as opposed to using a converted Road Homologated race bike with TD Fairings.
  10. Probably not. But then, is a M2 worth it compared to an out the crate zx10r ;) lol
  11. now it makes sense..
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  13. Now a pierobon trellis frame that fits an 1199r motor but is in the style of the 998 and allows fitment of the 998 panels and tank etc would.be great
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  14. Nothing wrong with the 1199 frame or lack of it as a track weapon, or if you want the retro look what about a hot 1198 into the 998 with all the bits like ext swinger, brakes, forks..... bla bla bla
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  15. I
    Is that what you have?
  16. yep
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  17. Hmm. You could be onto something there...