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Featured V4 Pikes Peak Trackday Epic-ness

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Andrew46, Mar 19, 2024.

  1. I know I'm a bit biased as there's a fair chunk of cash (to me anyway!) involved in buying one of these so it needs to be good. I had such a good day at Cadwell yesterday, it's a bit heavy, embarrassingly quiet noise test (91db), ground clearance is a bit of an issue and it needs another gear, but for a bike that can then comfortably tour Scotland (or anywhere else), as it is in May/ June, it is truly astounding on track. I never really would have believed that an adventure/ touring or whatever you want to label it as bike could make a tyre look similar to a 200hp sports bike. Also during the day 4 people asked if they could take a photo of it as they hadn't seen one in the flesh before.
    It really is a very good bike.

    downloada_180324_7275_cadwell-.jpeg downloada_180324_6717_cadwell-.jpeg
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  2. Great to hear! I took my V4S on track last year… was amazed how well that did. Looking forward to taking delivery of my PP tomorrow! :upyeah:
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  3. You won't be disappointed :upyeah:
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  4. I’m sure… already booked on to a couple track days this year Dealer is swapping all my farkels over as well so will be how I want it from day one. Can’t wait for the weekend! :D
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  5. Great to see , I’ve done track days for over 10years and back in the day 95% of bikes where sports bikes not so much anymore there’s every kind of machine out on track, definitely thinking of taking my V2 SF out on one to stretch her legs
  6. Seville later this year will be my third year riding a dedicated, track prepared Multistrada. It makes perfect sense :D Andy
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  7. A few years ago and a guy turned up to cadwell on a multi, and he got moved from novice to inters after two sessions and showed me up on my R6 (Not that I am fast anyway) but he was defo the pointy end of inters by end of the day for sure.

    Was fun to watch some people who thought they were fast and see it fly past them down park, he was even catching and going round R1's through hall bends and down back straight with ease
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  8. Multi. Best ‘multi’-purpose bike ever made. Fact.
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  9. Awesome, I've got one coming in a few days. I've sold both my Panigale V4S and Multi V4S for a Pikes Peak. I've loved riding my Multi V4S, awesome bike.
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  10. Looks like you had a great day :fist:, I really need to get mine on track too, it just might inspire me to sell the V4 Pani. I wonder how NL would transport it to a Euro event :thinkingface:, it will never fit on one of their stillages.
  11. I've had to modify my trailer quite a bit, it's higher and longer than anything else I've had.
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  12. Took my ‘13 to Blyton park for a day with instructors, the assumptions were gone after one proper session. Hilarious to be passed at the chicane by a guy on Fireblade, who then ran wide, just to pass him again coming out the chicane o_O. Only did it once Just add decent rubber!
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