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V4 Pikes Peak

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Steelboss, Oct 10, 2021.

  1. I get that 100%, was tempted by a S1000XR once, but the dealer attitude as well as the clan of regular customers surrounding the coffee machine put me right off and I bought another MV instead.
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  2. Yeah I was on there for over 10 years, and canned it about 18 months ago. Some decent folk on there, mostly, but a few oddballs.
  3. When I sold my GS, I made the mistake of offering a few bits on the forum at cheap prices before I chucked them on eBay.

    I was promptly banned for a week. Apparently I’d broken some rule or other.
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  4. I remember you from there. Think I bought a RoadLock from you for my 1250 Rallye.
  5. Small world!
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  6. BMW sales figures are slightly exaggerated, all their employees have the opportunity to lease a bike for 6 months and dealers change their demo fleet every 750 miles, that’s where the high sales, registered numbers come from. I visited my local dealer and they had 20 GS’s in the showroom - new, used and ex demo. The market is flooded with them.

    Ducati are on the right track with the new V4, the 19 inch front wheel and DSSA appeals to the traditional GS owner and now we have another choice with the v4 PP
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  7. Plus now Ducati know people will pay a significant premium to get a 17" wheel combo and happily wait a year to get it. :grinning:
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  8. Is the PP lighter than the triumph in tour mode?
    Wonder what the weight is?
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  9. Seen just the one Pikes Peak on the road so far and it's in IOM for TT. Can't wait to get mine. Hopefully July. Damn shame I didn't get it for my TT trip
  10. For those that have real first hand experience of both the V4PP & V4S : how much real world difference is there when ridden on “fast” back roads?
    Suspension, steering, comfort, modes etc .
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  11. For me the V4s is better as it works on the roads we have here, the PP is a bit sensitive and the Sky Hook for fast B roads is just better than the Ohlins. The 19 " front also helps with smoothing out the bumps , the 17" struggled. Comfort the V4s and the PP same . Wider bars seem to also keep the front steady and point and fire , the PP was a bit more needy to set up on the correct line as it could get out of shape. Hordes for courses mind , both are great.
    I find the V4s ( both of them ) were capable of fast flat out on r rough and smooth back roads , the PP was good on the main roads . This is only an opinion.
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  12. Or not..........:expressionless:
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  13. I only mainly ride on back roads, and find the PP just as comfortable as the V4S. No issues with the suspension, I find the steering to be more precise (I’ve had loads of bikes with 19” front wheels), but you just know that the PP will hold a line. I’ve played around with the suspension settings/ modes, and it’s now set up perfectly. For my style of riding and the roads I ride, the PP is perfection.
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  14. Best way is to try a V4S and see if you feel anything is lacking and would the PP fill that void.

    To really push the V4 and get the best feeling from the front end you really need to get your weight over the bars. It's a longer stretch to the bars than the v twins.
  15. Bit quiet in here. Have a picture!

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  16. Great pic. Mine has arrived at the dealer, just waiting for a PDI slot! Hopefully the weekend should see me sorted.

    Still no pipe or higher seat, that will have to wait until when the 1st service is due.

    A mate was good enough to lend me his V4S Sport for the TT, so I've had a bit of time familiarising myself with the engine. I'm impressed! Needs a pipe though!
  17. I’ve sent it back to Vulturbike now, they’re swapping it for the correct one.
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  18. That’s great news. You’re going to absolutely love it!
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