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Featured Piloting Extremely Nicely In Scotland 287 Route In Scotland

Discussion in 'Touring' started by MikeM93, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. Hey folks. I have done the NC500 a couple of times now, and thought I'd do only the bits I like the best last week. It very closely follows the PENIS287 route set out by the top gear guys (piloting extremely nicely in scotland 287 miles for those who haven't seen it). I always found the East coast rather boring to ride although there are a few good things to go see such as whaligoe steps , Lybster harbour etc.

    However a must detour to the 287 is adding in Durness. Absolutely spectacular scenery and such fun roads.

    Standout roads:
    A890 to stromferry
    A837 Ardvreck castle
    A894 - Alp like fast bends
    I could simply list them all, but these stood out

    287.jpg 50155239838_28fe80e101_c.jpg 50155794931_0d2ddb574c_c.jpg 50156029037_631f0547bc_c.jpg 50155238633_a08eb6c14b_c.jpg 50155238633_a08eb6c14b_w.jpg 50155238123_2e696bc33f_c.jpg 50155793151_b8311756c2_c.jpg 50156027402_b9f5532d73_c.jpg 50155792281_387f04037d_c.jpg 50155791756_7d3f390075_c.jpg 50156026067_6695d66a1d_c.jpg 50155790511_5bf8178f8c_c.jpg 50155234723_a84255098c_c.jpg 50156024112_3896474738_c.jpg 50156023947_400dedf19f_c.jpg 50155232723_5de1d9c8ce_c.jpg 50156817362_e883178b15_c.jpg [​IMG]
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  2. 7 hours!! Fair play
  3. if you haven't seen it....

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  4. 7 hour route, but i did it over 4 days :D took my time and lots of pics. I sat on the beach for a full day doing nothing
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  5. Nice. Is there a way to put a link to the actual route/coordinates (sorry I'm not Techno geeky enough) so they can be uploaded straight into a Garmin.

    I'd really like to give that a go.
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  6. Sorry I used google maps. I use my phone as satnav all the time.
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  7. No probs.
  8. Question... how did the multi cope with the stairs, and did you see Connor McLoud of the Clan McLoud at his castle?
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  9. What a beautiful place North Scotland is & on a sunny day, unbeatable :upyeah:
  10. Corrected for you. ;);):joy::joy:
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  11. Google maps still lets you share/export the route I think?
  12. Fab pics
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  13. He was my pillion for some of it ;) but I didn't do the stairs this time :)
  14. here goes :D
    Try that link. Let me know if it works

    Basically I live near glasgow and get boring bit out the way first, straight up to inverness.

    Inverness to muie - i do this because inverness to lairg is a boring run, so i went via muie

    Muie to Lairg. stopped in lairg for a snack in the big car park across from loch, gorgeous day and took pics of the wee hoose (https://www.scotsman.com/whats-on/arts-and-entertainment/true-story-wee-hoose-loch-597662)

    Lairg to Durness via the A838, a single track road with passing places, straight run through beautiful scenery, and it just gets better further you go in this direction

    At durness, go see sango sands beach - i spent the day here just chilling, as stated, it was the one sunny day :D
    Also worth a visit smoo cave and the zip line!

    The A836 is a great ride along the top of scotland, but I came back down via the west coast.

    On way back, go via unapool and you cross the kylesku bridge. There is a car park on north side, another great photo opportunity with bike and bridge in the shot

    Below this on A894 at Loch na Gainmhich there is a couple of alpine like bends! amazing road and superb for knee down action if you want to. Again photo op. I did that stretch 5 or 6 times in the one go. back and forth :D :D :D

    below this halfway to ardvreck castle there is another parking spt .... photo op! Can you tell all i did was ride and take pics?

    Then go to Ardvreck caste! amazing stop, and the top gear video mostly was shot on this road.

    Down to A832 3miles east of kinlochewe is a car park for busses and cars. The road appears on many posters and is the NC500 cover photo

    I went through strathcarron and stromferry as the A890 which os a superb road again with amazing views

    Down to Eilean Donan castle and stopped an Manuella's wee bakery. A must stop for anyone who hasnt been here before. A german couple who bake their own bread and cakes as well as brew their own gin ;)

    I then came back via invergarry and glenfinnan , i was enjoying the road so much i went all way to mallaig. I thought I'd catch a ferry to skye and come back via skye bridge....... but it was sold out :( so i stayed there for the night and came home next day :D The town was dead, all the pics i took, i was the only person on the streets!
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